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Do you want to have your abode in a coffin? This is not a question that you can easily answer when you visit the Barmy hotel where guests are going to have a death like slumber. You are going to be trapped inside a coffin in this German hotel. It has been created as a death theme suite where you are going rest inside a casket. That is really creepy and if you are not the person with heart, this is a no go area for you.  Indeed, this place is not for the faint hearted because it is spooky and brings to the mind a lot of conjure memories that are really scary.

Barmy hotel

This is one of the weird places where you are going to see on earth. If you think that people do not come around here, you may be mistaken because it sure got guests that are willing to rest here.  This hotel has disturbing bedroom that has been designed to give you a run for your life if you cannot stand the death theme.  There are two white coffins that are placed in the bedroom for guests. You may be wondering what the coffins are doing in the room. It is for sleeping.  The guests are going to sleep inside the close lids. You can do a lot of things inside these coffins except one thing. The Propeller Island City Lodge demands that guests should not have sex in the coffin.

This sinister suite may be creepy but it is not the only thing that makes this 31-room lodge very creepy. There is provision for guests to sleep in padded jail cells, flying beds and even mirrored rooms. There is also a huge sign that reads ‘RIP’ to tell guests that they are really in a world different from where they always live during the nights. There is also an upside down room that has furnishings that are hanging from the top of the room’s ceiling,  guests can sleep in some placed boxes that are under the floorboards.

coffin hotel

Are you still willing to visit this hotel after hearing all this? It is a great place to come around see how life after death can look like. The hotel was created by a German artist called Lars Stroschen  and he made this an exhibition for guests to have that opportunity to "live in a work of art". It is not just any type of place to come because if you have kids with you, it may not be a proper place to visit. The website reads that the hotel is "a magnet for creative individuals, those weary of consumption, those who see things differently, philosophers and seekers of perspective and vision."

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This is what drags the people of like mind to come and have a rethink of what they feel about life. Sometimes, it is this place that can change their perspective about life and also how they can see things when death come knocking for them without fears.


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