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Think of a place most lovely to be and a lot of places would come to your mind. Have you ever thought of a place where you can visit and not forget the experience? This is what we can help you solve with the number of destinations that are one of our most favourites.  These locations are in different parts of the world and you would have a reason to visit one of these places at least whenever you are going on  a vacation. It maybe London where the Trafalgar Square is located or the Hofburg that is exotic in the city of Vienna, that would gladden your heart.



Hofburg is often so-called Vienna’s heart. It is a former Habsburg’s residency that is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city today. The complex is really impressive. The history of Hofburg starts at medieval age-back at the time it used to be a castle. With a growth of Habsburg’s power the castle was transforming to a magnificent Imperial Palace. Hofburg is a great demonstration of how architectural style in Europe was developing. Special attention deserve the National Library (“Österreichische Nationalbibliothek”). A great place to see how former Imperial life found it’s reflexion in modern student’s life. 

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

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The Trafalgar Square is located in centre of the city. It was built in memory of Trafalgar battle that took place in 1805. What makes the square a special one is a Nelson’s column dedicated to honour of this brave admiral. Besides that one can find a 44 metres tall statue of Georg IV and Victorian military heroes. Additionally there are temporary art installations from the world famous artist. Trafalgar Square  is not just a place of tourist attraction, it plays an important life in citizen’s life. Today it is a place of big celebrations and even for protests.



Montréal is a second big city in Canada. The symbol of the city and the most popular tourist sight is a Mont Royal hill. On slopes of the hill lies beautiful Mount Royal Parkand  and stands famous 70 meters high catholic cross. What makes Montréal special is combination of old antique buildings and high modern skyscrapers. No wonder the city attracts students and visitors from all around the world. The most famous university in Montréal is McGill University which made it to a list of 20 best universities in the world.




Linz is the capital of Upper Austria. It is 3rd biggest city in Austria. Linz used to be famous for it’s industrial achievement however today cultural side of the city develops a lot. The most popular museums are Ars Electronica  and Lentos. Those offer constant and temporary exhibitions in fields of contemporary art, technology and society. Linz is a home city of Anton Bruckner and music is well developed here. For an affordable price you can listen to top musicians and orchestras in Bruckner house.  This is a great location to visit in your next vacation and you would love it.



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