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Imagine visiting a destination where there are sweet mangoes that are naturally made...Mango is a tropical fruit that is very juicy with very exotic flavor. It is highly nutritive and has been known to have some health benefits especially in fighting obesity and diabetes. This fruit that is principally grown in tropical areas is sometimes referred to as the “King of Fruits”. Today, as many people discover the benefits that can be gained from using mango, the rush to get the fruits has increased. Mangos grow in many countries located in tropical areas but the following are the top five mango producing countries.



India tops the list of countries with the highest production of Mangos with over 16 million metric tons produced per year. In India, mango is considered a national fruit and it is possible to find over a hundred variants of the fruit. These mangoes come in all shades from yellow, orange, green and even red. The Indian Mango Festival held once a year provides displays of all the different varieties of mangos in the country and even new ones that get discovered. Visitors to the festival get to discover why the national fruit of India is the mango. The visitors also get to taste the different mangos on display. India accounts for a little less than 42% of the world production of mangoes.



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It is estimated that per year, China produces at least 4.3 million metric tons of mangos making it the second largest producer of mangos in the world. China’s production accounts for at least 11% of the world’s production. It is estimated that there are over 200 thousand hectares of land in china under mango cultivation. Although china is a major exporter of mangoes, it still imports mangos from the Philippines.



On average, Thailand produces 2.5 million metric tons of mangos per year making it the third largest producer of mangos in the world. Production of mangos occupies at least 300 thousand hectares of land and is scattered throughout the country. This has made it possible for mangoes to be available all through the year as different areas have different harvesting times. Most of the mangos produced is sold either fresh or processed into canned or dried fruits. Most of the mangoes produced is consumed locally.



Pakistan is another mango producing country occupying the fourth place in the world with over 1.7 million metric tons produced yearly. Mangos have been produced in this country for more than 2000 years and today cultivation of mangos occupies about 170 thousand hectares of land. The main mago growing provinces include Punjab, Sindh and NWFP.



Mexico occupies the fifth position in the list of top five mango producing countries with a yearly production of approximately 1.6 million metric tons. It is mostly known for the production of the Ataulfo mangoes that is oblong shaped and reddish yellow in colour.. The main mango producing states in the country include Chiapas, Sinalao, Nayarit and Jalisco. Most of the mangos produced in Mexico are exported to the United States.


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