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Have you ever been ripped off during a vacation? You have planned a beautiful vacation and you ended up getting the opposite of what you wanted. This always happens if you are not care with the agency you are picking, where you are visiting and no idea of what to expect in a given location. Despite the fact that there are a lot of good agencies, there are still some few bad eggs that can destroy your dream vacation.

It may be  a pick pocket or even a tempting  tourism flyer that may sound good could be a travel scam. The bitter truth is that there are some smart people who are looking out for ways to cheat travelers around the world.


 Fake Taxi Cabs| Vietnam

fake taxi cabs, Vietnam

A tourist haven like Vietnam still has its short comings. The country has a lax intellectual property laws that has made it possible for a lot of people to enjoy accommodations.  However, before you can get to your destination, you may just have to be careful to avoid entering the wrong transport system. You can skip this trouble by using an open-ended bus tickets between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The Sinh Tourist is what you should go for because a wrong carrier, takes you to an overpriced accommodation package or even in the hands of robbers.

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Identity Thief| Orlando

identity thief

Orlando too? Yes, the travel scam is really smart that if you end up leaving your credit card number, you are definitely going to pay.  Some of the pizza guys are not food people but identity thieves. It is recommended that you get a recommendation from your hotel. This is going to save you a lot of worries.

CD Bullies|New York City

CD bullies
What  you should learn to avoid the next time you are in New York is the CD guys.  They have been dubbed the CD Bullies and have taken their crime to another level. They would treat you so nice and even offer to autograph your own copy but immediately that disc gets into your hand, you must pay for it.

Cab Drivers |Las Vegas

cab drivers

The Sin City is indeed the best gambling spot on earth; this also include the cab drivers who are willing to cheat you by pretending to be in a hurry and running away with your luggage.  By the time you are settled, you may realized that one of your bags are missing and there is no way you can find them again if you do not know the driver’s name and company. You should be very careful with your things when you are coming to Las Vegas.

Tea Ceremony| China

tea ceremony

You are walking through a street market in China, and this woman approached you and speak English to you. That is the sign from heaven you are looking for if you cannot speak Chinese. The work of this lady is to convince you to go with her to a tea place and when you are done drinking, a $140 bill is presented and you are forced to pay. That lady is an employee of that tea place.



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