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Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery

Karl Marx is buried at Highgate Cemetery in London, and his grave has become one of the world's most visited cemeteries. We must tell you that more than 170,000 people buried within its grounds, Highgate Cemetery in the capital is one of the world’s most visited cemeteries. Great people who were buried here include  George Elliot, Herbert Spencer and Douglas Adams, many famous people have their tombs at Highgate, the most visited is that of  Karl Marx which reads: 'Workers of all lands unite'.

Hoia Baciu forest, Romania

 Hoia Baciu forest, Romania

This Romanian forest is well known for its number of missing persons and weird sightings. There have been numerous reports of UFO sightings in the forest. The local people consider this forest and evil forest and will have nothing to do with it. Due to the reports of numerous persons getting missing and people having weird experiences, it has earned it the name the Bermuda Triangle of Romania. There are many who propose that the strange happenings in the forest may be due to the fact that there is a special energy field around the forest that may act as a route to another dimension world.

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Colorado River System

The Colorado River System is a beautiful site to visit.  There have been a lot of accidents among water rafters due to the  fast currents and high water.  Does this stop people from coming here? Thousands of visitors are seen visiting this destination yearly.

You must now agree that these listed beautiful destinations are some of the deadliest in the world. If you must visit any destination, it is advisable that you take proper care to learn how to avoid some of the common mistakes that can be fatal. 


Varosha, Greece

Varosha, Greece

Talk of a  desolate place on earth and Varosha comes to mind. Although this city was a bustling resort destination in the early 1970s, inhabitants were all evacuated when turkey decided it had to invade Greece in 1974. Today standing from a distance, you could be misled into thinking it is still a bustling town. However, great will be your disappointment when you draw near.


The Catacombs, Paris

Paris is the city of light but deep within its recesses is a place that may be considered a place of darkness. This is the Catacomb museum that is home to more than 6 million bodies. It is part of the underground tunnel in Paris known as “les carriers de Paris”. Although it is a weird place filled with bones and skulls, it has attracted many visitors over the years. Although the Catacomb is just a part of the tunnel that forms the Paris quarries, most of this tunnel has become to be referred to as the Catacomb.



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