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Every city is unique in its way; some are breathtaking, cool, crazy, ugly, quiet, dead and vibrant. These traits are what make these cities exceptional. In a world where competition to be relevant is keen, there are some cities you cannot but love to visit. The reason is because these cities are exciting and beautiful to be. There are activities from dusk to morning to keep you entertained, the nightlife is amazing and the day time leaves you wondering where next to visit.

These cities are the ones that have sold themselves out to entertainment and intense comfort with expectations that they would not be cut short.

New York

New York

New York is one city millions would want to visit and even live in it.  For those who would wish to visit a place before they die, New York top the list.  Where do we begin from? Is it from the hypnotizing Times Square of the lights of Broadway? This is indeed a vibrant city that invites thousands to it. It is simply addictive and irresistible.


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Some said that it is the unofficial capital when you talk of the treasures in Europe. It holds a lot of historic  legacy, offers  some of the world’s greatest collections of art and leaves visitors asking for more with activities.  You can shop till you do in London and the street life is something that you can never beat.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Did someone mention to you that this is a theme park city. The night blooms like the day and even the quiet person suddenly finds something to play with. In Las Vegas, there is no end to games and activities. When you are tired, you can go to sleep and continue from where you stopped.  It is an appealing city and no one wants to miss out from the fun. What stays in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that may not be the truth because people leave with the fever of excitement to their various homes. That is how potent Las Vegas is in entertainment.



Welcome to the party city!! The world’s biggest city of party is what Miami has become. There is not restriction when it comes to fun. Some of the greatest and iconic architectural buildings are located here. Think of the finest beaches, the great pools and hotels, you are not going to be disappointed when you are in Miami.



For lovers, there is no city like Paris. For the urban perfection, there is hardly a city that can compete with the city when you look at its boulevards. The way shopping has turned to; it would be difficult to visit the city without paying anything.  Fashion has become the home of Paris, the walkways, the models, the trends and the onlookers are what have transformed this city to be the city of all.


These cities have become a major tourists revenue spots for their countries. Every day, visitors are seen trooping to these cities to witness the beautiful things of life.


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