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Are you having travel expereinces have to discuss the smart details for about this Travel tips ...good information give this one...thank you

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I think that generally everybody has some experience in travelling and for me specially there are three most important things to be arranged before the journey:

1. The holiday should be planned very well previously, especially if you are travelling with the kids, like our family. Here all details about accomodation should be cleared!

2. No matter what the destination is, you should always take any special medicines for you and the kids in order to be prepared.

3. You should have phone numbers for emergency cases!

Take care of these three and there will not be unpleasant surprises :)!

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Canada Canada
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1. Always kept your passport and other documents with you safely.

2. Never trust Taxi Drivers.

3. Get some knowledge about the ways from the Internet, if the place is new for you.

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Malawi Malawi
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Especially important are:

1. Carry all official documents that will be required.

2. First aid kid

3. Medicines to common ailments

4. Clothing specific to weather conditions in the place

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If you have the money, go underprepared. If you haven't, go somewhere else!
Get to know a local or two well and fast or do an expats thing before you leave and establish contacts.
As humans we need security and safety, food and shelter... manage these things as far in advance as possible.
If your going with others, hire a van man! Do your license stuff and border papers etc... and cruise... and do this more often... that is, ask people lots and lots...
Check which currency you not only use there but when you convert it back to go to another country... so if its Europe, Euro's are pretty fair to cash and swap back... and walk streets and streets to find the best exchange...
And in airports, remember TAX before you get there!

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