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A lot of us may be wondering how it would feel when we make use of the luxury underwater rooms. Indeed, these underwater hotels have become what a lot of us may not be able to afford. Not to worry, in future, places like the Dubai's Water Discus Hotel may not be the only place where we would have this type of technological advancement.

Underwater hotel room

We can talk about the futuristic planes too that may have about  three decks and 800 seats. This means that the passengers may be having enough time to calm and relax in luxury massage  where you would be serve vitamins, drinks and even have a feel of fresh sea breeze. There may be sound showers that would help you get that great night sleep while the luxury shades will take out the light around you. This is the future of what plane may look like. Even the manufacturer of Airbus has said that they believe that in 2050, the planes will be produce of panoramic windows.

This would allow the stunning plane windows to make for 360-degrees views of the world's wonders and attractions. What this means is that the panoramic windows can turn transparent at the wave of a hand.Taking a page from some long-haul carriers, bars will also become more prevalent on flights, while pop-up pods will offer private spaces.Airbus research also suggests that every flight in the world could, on average, be around 13 minutes shorter, which would save millions of tonnes of excess fuel annually.

Mobile islands

 Bars are expected to become more prevalent on flights, as well as socialisation pop-up pods. By the middle of the next decade, aircraft interiors will bear little resemblance to the packed and often frustrating cabins of today. Memory foam seats will morph to each passengers shape as they sit down, as smart lighting eliminates the effects of jet lag, and sleep hormones sprayed at strategic moments in the flight mean you'll never have to listen to a screaming toddler on long-haul ever again.

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Each seat will have individual climate control and holographic communications and entertainment hubs that allow you to watch films and music from your personal collection on the cloud and chat to friends, family and colleagues as you fly – and sonic disruptors will stop you disturbing everyone around you.

Future tourism

In the case of Virgin Galactic, whose ship can orbit the Earth for 2.5 hours, a regular traveller might see a London to Sydney flight in 2.5 hours if the same technology can be applied safely in commercial aviation. This is the future, it may come faster than we thought because a lot of people are   trying to find ways of making travelling better and exciting to travelers. If you can have a great hotel that is under the waters and then a plane that would translate your luxury dreams, what else are you going to look for? A lot of travelers are waiting patiently for these technologies to come to reality.



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