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Hi there!

Uk is too expensive, so are there any other places that is a good place to study for travel tourism hospitality degree, recognized.


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George Combey

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UK is probably the best destination for study abroad. But, of course, there are other countries which you can consider. It usually depends on the course you wish to pursue. If you want to study arts then Italy or France are the best option here.

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Poland is the perfect destination for high school, college and university students, teachers or researchers with a keen interest in Eastern European history, sociology, anthropology, theories of culture, Jewish and Holocaust studies or ethnology, ethnography and other related subjects. Besides academic institutions, Poland also attracts various social institutions, public or local associations and travel-related journalists.

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Tourism in UK is at great heights and every year many people go to UK for travelling purposes. The Tower of London is among one the great tourist destination of London's. This is a great place that enhances tourism in UK and it is very popular and iconic tourist attractions. Many hotels are there that provide the services at cheap rates or at low costs .This doesn’t mean that such types of hotel have some lack of quality. You must follow some tips if you want to make your stay cheaper weather you want a budget hotel or a comfortable luxurious hotel.

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