Party Hostel in La Paz ?

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Hey guys,
There are so many hostels availabe in my book footprint, in la paz.
I would like to know what is the best party hostel in la paz?
An hostel that you cannot sleep till 4am, everybody parties, and with ease to meet new people
to go party with?
please tell me which one is the best party hostel?

The flyer.....

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I stayed 2 month ago in a hostel called Loki Backpackers,
it is located in Calle Loayza 420, Zone Central, in La Paz.

I think that is exactly what you are looking for.... it is a party hostel, you cannot sleep at night.
I was travellilng by myself, and met each night interesting and funny people to hang out with...
In La Paz there are a lot of places to party, and if you go to this hostel, just follow the current
and people will take you to great places to party in.
Also the hostel stuff was really helpful, and can recommend you where to party each day.
In short it has Nice comfy beds and fun place to stay. But if you are looking for a place to rest and get you sleep, don?t go there!! It is a true party hostel, so very noisy at night!

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John Dennis

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Thanks Kevin for sharing your experience. I'm also interested in enjoying night parties.

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The LOKI. Party hostel central and so popular that you need to book up to 2 weeks in advance or more.

If you are a good distance from the bar or downstairs you can sleep but its such a fun place you wont want to leave the bar till it closes anyway. I was 46 and 47 years of age when I went there (been twice) and thoroughly enjoyed it and got drunk several times. If you are an older person going there then you better get on with the young ones and join in and have an  open-mind. If you arent a party animal and got to have your sleep then beware you wont like it. I absolutely love the atmosphere of the Loki and its the only place I will stay when I go to La Paz again. Personally I cant wait!!!

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ohh lovely hostel i wish i can also go and enjoy the party.




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