Las Pampas, Bolivia - Rurrenabaque

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Hey Traveler !
Just want to share a travel I did to Las Pampas in  Rurrenabaque.

After thinking a while I decided to get there by bus no plane.
First I thought to get there by plane since the road is considered to be a bit dangerous (That is why they call it the death road).
But then I was told by the flight agencies that a lot of flights are being canceled, since if it rains the same day of the flight or the day before, the plane cannot land, since in Rerrenabaque it lands on a field, when it rains it gets muddy and the planes cannot land.
So I did not want to take the risk to wait several days to the flight in case it is canceled, (since it can rain for several days).
That is why I decided to take the bus.
I left La Paz (Bolivia) at 11 in the morning and got the following day at 7 in the morning (around 20 hours ride) to Rurrenabaque. I was lucky since a lot of time in this road cars get stuck and it can last forever, but the ride was pretty smooth.
It was a bit scary, but the scenery worth it. It was scary since the road is really narrow and when a truck wanna go by the bus has to maniubre a lot to let it pass.

After arriving to Rurrenabaque I decided to rest for a day after the big journey before starting the pampas tour of 3 days 2 nights  along the Yacuma river.

I personally decided to book my tour with donato tours, since they where the cheapes only 400 bolivians, whereas everybody else charges from 500 to 600.
Indigeouns tours are the one recommended in the lonely planet, and footprint, but they are the most expensive one cost you 600.
Anyway I was really happy with my agency, and I found out from my guide, that the guides have no contract with the agency, they work with all of them. So actually they just provide the same tour with different prices. So why pay more ? (the food in my agency was great we had are own cooker just as every other agency)

All along the Yacuma river we got to see aligators, caymans, pink dolphins, turtles, giant river rodents, birds, squirel monkeys and capuchino monekys (feeding the monkeys bananas - not sure if ecotourism folk would frown on that but it was cool - I had about 5 squirrel monkeys clambering onto my hand devouring a banana). Also during ourhike through the pampas we where looking for Anacondas and Cobras we found a 2 metre or so Anaconda and I got get a pic with it wrapped around my neck (it fairly stinked have to say) but has interesting texture skin to touch. Also on one of the days we went out to go swimming in the piranha aligator and cayman infested waters with the pink dolphins who the guides promised would protect us from any predators in the water - sounded a small bit dubious to me but I was itching to jump in for the craic all the same - so as we headed up the river with our guide driving really slowly and knowing that we'd be jumping in the river soon, passing literaly hundreds of aligators and caymans in the heat of the day on the banks myself and the other 5 lads in the boat all started to get a bit nervous as seemingly all the aligators where slipping into the water as we went past (possibly sensing feeding time or so it seemed as your mind wandered - i'm almost positive the guide drove so slowly for dramatic effect).

At a widening in the river where we seen a aligator swim past about 2 metres from the boat just at that moment the boat stopped this was the place to jump in (seemed crazy with actually seeing evidence of aligators in the water and more on a nearby bank) but the guide started tapping the side of boat to attract the dolphins out to play and so they came (these river dolphins or pink dolphins are not as pretty as some of there sea faring cousins and there dorsel fin is a bit stunted it seems) so we all jumped in and not just for a quick in and out dip to say we where in - we ended up staying in trying to get a touch of a dolphin for the guts of half an hour - i came close whilst slapping on the surface of the water a dolphin came swimming straight for me bobbing up and down and i could see it soming to the surface of the water just in front of me only for it to turn within a metre and half of me splashing me in the process which was cool.
The pink delphins that surronded us touched my leg twice, they were so silk and cute !!! I wish they would play with me a bit more !

Other than that the tour was very relaxing chilling out in hammocks and playing football  and volley in the evening beside the river with some of the other people on the tours.

This pampas tour in Rurrenabaque was one of my best tours I have ever done, and I really recommend it to you, from the bottom of my heart !
If you like animals and wild life you will not regret. Make sure there are pretty girls in your group before booking ...  the girls in our group weren?t so hot......
So I enjoyed only day life and not night life.....


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