Patagonia + Bolivia tour operators?

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Hey guys,

Could you recommend good tour operators for about a 4-week trip toPatagonia and/or Bolivia? I'm in my mid 30s, and would maybe ratherhave a tour without very young people (like often is the case with GAP,for example).

Also, what I most would like to see is the salt plains in Bolivia(possibly with volcanos also) and to do some trekking/hiking andadventure stuff in Patagonia. Is it even doable on the same 4-weektrip, or is it better to do only one option? I'm traveling on my own,and would therefore like to join a group, so any recommendations aboutspecific tours are highly welcome!!

And hints about specific things I should't miss are also welcome!

Thanks a lot guys for any suggestions! :)


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Hey Cam,
What's up....
First let me congratulate you for your choice to travel to South America.
It's my favorite continent, and after being backpacking 27 countries it is far more beautiful than your wildest immagination!

Unfortunately I can't recommend you any tour operator, since I've never been traveling with any agency.
All my trips around the world I've done absolutely by myself.
Here is a question:
Why don't you travel by yourself?

For me it is the most fun and adventurous way of exploring. I've traveled to South America for seven months by myself.
However I've never been by myself, I met so many interesting people, and never felt alone.
I stayed in Hostels, the best way to socialize, Ocasunaly private room in a family house can be cheaper than a shared dorm in a Hostel.
Nonetheless I preferred staying in a Hostel seeking to constantley meet new people.

You are 30 and there are Hordes of people traveling around the world at this age. As you said a lot of young people traveling for GAP year, that's true,
However you can find a lot of travelers in their 30's as well, so don't be depressed, you are still not that old to travel....
Hope you will find my introduction intriguing enough to buy a backpack, go book a hostel and start exploring.....   

Anyway, let's go back to the other questions...

Four weeks is enough time to do Patagonia as well as the Salts flats ("Salar de Uyuni") in Bolivia.
However I suggest you to get a flight from Argentina to Bolivia, you can do it by bus connections but it will eat up your time....
If you are going soon start from Patagonia, being southern area it is much colder than Bolivia.
Apart January is summer there and as time goes by it will get more and more into winter and thus consequently much colder....

If you go to Patagonia don't miss Bariloche it is
a lovely place with amazing MEAT
and great chocolates, the best meet restaurant is "Don Alberto" .

Definitely don't miss it if you go there. Ask for churrasco or "Bife de chorizo" both are Yummy!
In Bariloche you can go to the route of "Los siete Lagos" Seven lakes... it is just called like this, but it has much more than 7 lakes, you can do it on bus or by renting a car, I highly recommend to rent a car for 2 days, leave from Bariloche stay the night in San Martin de los andes, and then back to Bariloche. (you can also do it in one day but you'll be nucked it is too exhausting!)

Don't miss Perito Moreno "The Glaciar", it is amazing experience to stand there and hear it exploding just in front of you, the sound of the ice breaking apart is unforgettable experience... you can also pay around 100$ and get a boat to take you around, and experience them from even closer.... This boat trip was the best trip I've ever done in my whole life!

Also from Perito Moreno you can go to Ushuaia it is a nice little village the most southern place on earth.
One day I wanna go back there to get a boat to Antarctica... people say it's amazing... but can't give you tips on it, not yet!

For trekking I suggest "Torres del Paine" Trek, it is the most famous one, you can do the W or the circle the latter is longer. This trek is located in Chile next to a village called "Puerto Natales". (As you know Patagonia covers Chile & Argentina).
Allow a week for this trek, and a day to get there + a day to get ready, buy food etc...

Another tour you should do is Carretera Austral, it is the most beautiful way I've ever seen, lush lands with lakes mountains and icebergs. What else can you ask from nature?
It goes from Argentina to Chile, you can do it by bus, or rent a car. I did it by bus, but I would suggest paying more and having the luxury of stopping wherever you want...


From Chile you can book a flight to Bolivia,
and do the Salar de Uyuni, then if you have time (Don't get excited you probably not gonna have time) you can go to
cusco and do the Inca, you don't have to book it in advance, if you do the alternative which is as nice as the original.

Here are some links that would help you a lot on planning your trip:

1. Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

2. Don't Miss Places - Argentina

3. Carretera Austral - Chile

Patagonia Route Advice

5. 7 Month in South America

Have loads of fun in your trip   

P.S If I didn't mention yet, then yes Travel by yourself, you won't regret!!!

P.S.S if you ever any other doubts or questions don't hesitate to ask me.... One day I'm gonna charge for my services, but now it's free, so take full advatage...

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