Things To Do In Sucre

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Secured and progressive, Sucre is Bolivia's most astonishing city and the symbolic heart of the country. It was here that freedom was announced and although La Paz is presently the seat of government and treasury, Sucre is perceived in the constitution as the country's judicial capital. A heavenly group of whitewashed structures shielding pretty porches, Sucre is an ideal city that has an abundance of colonial architecture and great structural engineering. Plaza 25 de Mayo is the main square of the city of Sucre and a place with lots of history in Bolivia; for it is the city of the Constitutional Capital of Bolivia and where the Act of Independence of Bolivia was finally signed in 1825.

Things To Do in Sucre

When To Go:

The high mountain air atmosphere of the city is lively yet for the most part mellow all through a great part of the year. It is never hot and on some occasions it is exceptionally chilly. The climate is really reliable all year round with daytime temperatures up in the 60s to low 70s, and gets essentially cooler towards the evening.

The winter seasons occurs from June up to September and characterized by gentle and practically zero precipitation and snow. It does not come to an intolerable freezing atmosphere; however, along the mountain ranges the weather is a bit cooler.  It isn't extraordinary for it drops down to -30 degrees or all the more after the sun goes down amid the peak of winter.

Spring and early summer arrives from late September until December and it is for the most part the hottest time of the year. Summers have a tendency to be cool; furthermore it is also the wettest season. January and February gets the chance of having more downpours.

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Things To Do in Sucre

Springtime is the peak season for tourism, as there is just a slight possibility of downpour, mellow climate and a lot of daylight. Anyhow at whatever point you go, anticipate bringing in a warm coat for the cold evenings in Sucre.

Sucre is a majestic and historic city and these are the places to see and a list of things to do to enjoy a wonderful vacation:


Plaza 25 de Mayo

If you go to Sucre, you will always pass through this cute square- Plaza 25 de Mayo. It is a humbling experience to be surrounded by a perfectly maintained, pretty, and nicely decorated attraction of the city. What is most striking is that almost all the buildings around here are in white, that's because in the central town of Sucre and the city in general they try to keep the image of having all the white buildings in this area (hence it is called the white city). It is one of the most beautiful squares in Bolivia that is worth going to. It is also located in a central area and can be easily accessed from all points of the city.

Plaza 25 de Mayo

This plaza is a good starting point when you visit Sucre. Like all main squares, it focuses the attention of residents and tourists to its importance. From here, you can visit the other noteworthy attractions within the premises like the old cathedral, the Freedom House, seat of the Government, embassies, galleries and several museums. At all times this square is quite lively, you find children playing, things to eat, and families strolling and enjoying the sun while in Sucre. It is a good place for a drink, to interact with the locals and have a good conversation.


Museum of Indian Arts ASUR

The Museum of Indian Arts ASUR provides an excellent guided tour on its wide variety of collections and gathered artifacts. It is essential to understand the richness and depth of traditional activities in Bolivia. Inside you can also find a good and interesting bookshop sale of fabrics made with traditional methods. The staff explains the Bolivian weaving traditions, explanations on folklore and especially music and dance. It is an enjoyable and informative tour. All the buildings of the museum is beautifully restored and maintained.

Museum of Indian Arts ASUR

The exhibition itself is simple, categorized, and accessible, but still a guide is highly recommended.  It is mandatory to visit this place to know the culture and the history of embroidery and its indigenous tribes!

It is an excellent museum detailing the different types of carpet that can be found in the region (Tarabuco) with explanations of traditional designs. If you wish to bring home some sample works there is a shop on the upper level to purchase the famous carpets and other handicrafts of the region. This museum is a must see attraction in Sucre. Their fabrics are part of the culture and identity of their ethnicity. It is one of the great attractions of the interesting constitutional capital.


House of Liberty Museum - Casa de la Libertad

The House of Liberty Museum - Casa de la Libertad is the ideal place to have a deeper understanding of the Bolivian Independence. Most of the collection highlights the political and war history of Bolivia with documents, medals, weapons, military framework and presidents. It is located in a lovely house built in the colonial style of architecture. You will also have the pleasure of knowing a bit of history through pictures and the real account of the Bolivian guide. The republic was founded in this house by Simon Bolivar who wrote the Bolivian Constitution. It greatly accounts some of the historic moments of the country. Visitors with cameras or camcorders must pay extra fees at the end of the tour.

House of Liberty Museum

It is more popularly known as the Freedom House. Never leave Sucre without visiting this museum. It is designed for those who love history and want to know a lot about how much it cost the freedom of Bolivia through a horrible war. There exists a historical piece value without measure like; the clothes of Liberator Sucre that is still stained with blood and provokes an indescribable feeling. It also has an easy location; it is right in front of Plaza 25 and the city center.


Church of San Felipe Neri (Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri)

Schedule an afternoon to meet this important colonial building which houses relics of the 18th and 19th centuries. Guided by a friendly college student, you will see all the architectural ensemble of the beautiful cloister to the terrace where you can admire the scenic view of Bolivia's White City. The place is amazing and yields great photos. The view from the roof of the church is a spectacle. The entrance is a bit tricky because you need to enter a school (Mary Help College) on a street (Nicolas Ortiz St.)that looks like you're in the wrong place.

Church of San Felipe Neri

The Church of San Felipe Neri (Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri) is very beautiful inside where you can spend time and learn some of the history of Sucre. Take time to enjoy the short visit to the place of the catacombs under the church and of course up to the terrace and take a picture with its twin towers, the most awesome part of the church that was built with stones that came from the hills of Churuquella. It is also recommended to watch the painting of an Indian artist in which the last supper of Jesus is reflected.


Casa de Turismo

If you are in Sucre, it is a must to visit the Casa de Turismo. This attraction provides neutral and good information about anything you want to know about Sucre and the other destinations in Bolivia. The guides can assist you in multiple languages and they are very friendly and helpful. You will be impressed by the good service that they give. In addition to the information they give about the city, this place is also a great advantage for shopping for handicrafts because the prices are fair and even cheaper than that of the souvenir shops outside. 

Casa de Turismo

They have a nice restaurant and a relaxing massage/spa industry where you can peacefully enjoy a quiet moment and a chance to stretch out your tired muscles.

It is conveniently located along the Audiencia Calle and right across the historic Plaza 25 de Mayo. The Swiss owner Marco is very kind and gives loads of information for free on everything you want to know from Bolivia. He really knows a lot because he has lived here for most of his life. The massage provided by the Solucciones Mediccas is definitely worth trying.


Convent of Santa Clara

Convent of Santa Clara

It is real treat to visit the Convent of Santa Clara, but even more so, to have the services of a guide that will accompany you on a step by step process through each of the paintings, sculptures, musical instruments, and clearly indicating which school or city corresponded to each . On a separate chapter, you can walk through the halls of the convent, where they are currently finding discoveries of fresh artifacts about the last third of the eighteenth century along with artworks about the life of Christ presented layer by layer.


Simon Bolivar Park

It is a very nice park that is located in the city center. The arches and portals all painted in white looks neat and immaculate. There is also a tower in honor of Paris. The Simon Bolivar Park has a nice theater on the outskirts, historic buildings, and colonial houses. It is located in front of the Supreme Court building in Bolivia.

Simon Bolivar Park

If you visit and enjoy religious attractions, take some time to also visit the Grotto of Lourdes which is near there. It is a nice option for taking long and relaxed walks in the afternoon. It is one of the nicest parks in Bolivia where you can enjoy the end of week to stroll with the family and enjoy the breath of fresh air.   


La Recoleta

La Recoleta is an important attraction in the city that you must not fail to visit when in Sucre. It is a place you cannot let go. Before entering the secluded (which is a former convent) cathedral in front of the building you have a spectacular viewpoint where you can see the whole city where it is ideal to take pictures. The monastery itself is very good, there are many interesting things and guided visits so they'll explain everything. You end up doing really fun things to do especially if you go with many people as they will  make you hug a tree.

La Recoleta

There is also a belief that if you give 3 turns in one direction it will make a wish come true a wish and some locals say if you are single, you will meet a lot of new friends after going to this scenic religious monastery. It offers a good view of the white city and a breath taking sunset. Below there is a restaurant that will appeal to all and the Tiramisu is unforgettable. Aside from the view of the panoramic landscapes, there is a cute little gazebo area where you can order drinks from a bar but be prepared for the walk along the quite steep parts of the place.


The 7 Cascadas

It is not easy to get to The 7 Cascadas (The 7 Waterfalls).  First, you should go to the street called Junín and take a bus that goes towards the Joy district. Once on the bus, you can negotiate with the driver to bring you closer to the place and you avoid a long road trip and you also negotiate for him to come and bring you back to the city, because the bus service does not regularly pass on this area. Once there the place is very nice and it is worth spending a whole day. The ride is very simple and the end of the trail leads to the beautiful waterfalls where you can enjoy a good swim.

The 7 Cascades

To visit all of the 7 cascades, you have to go through it one by one like; once you reached the third falls, you have to go for the fourth one and so on. If you are new to the  trails, a local tour guide can also be availed. The water is cold and the sun is strong if you go during summer. It is wonderful to visit and indispensable for those who like to escape the busy city and find the need to be one with nature.


Dinosaur Tracks (Cal Orck'o)

65 million years ago 8 species of dinosaur footprints left about 5000 marks all over the Dinosaur Tracks (Cal Orck’o). It now has one of the world's largest collections of artifacts about dinosaurs. The tour begins in a long vertical wall that is visible from a distance, but to enjoy them, you need to bring a good pair of binoculars.

Dinosaur Tracks

The park is really fun for children because it presents a collection of life-size dinosaur replicas that throughout the visit emit sounds. For adults, it is beyond the curiosity of the footprints, you can also visit a small museum mounted there about the dinosaurs. Take a taxi to go back and forth to this attraction.


San Francisco Church

San Francisco Church

The guided tour of the San Francisco Church is very good and will allow you to see every detail of it beauty. The Liberty Bell is seen on the deck. Truly a great traditional church that is admirable from inside and outside. It has an imposing façade and impeccable interior. If you have time, try to attend a solemn mass service that is offered in many languages every Sunday.


Museo Charcas (University Museum Colonial & Anthropological)

The Museo Charcas (University Museum Colonial & Anthropological) is an excellent museum with great assets and rich collections from the past. Sucre is a historical city and it is able to enrich its visitors with the history of the country since the pre-Columbian city time. It holds two interesting sections, one about the Bolivian painters, and the anthropological collection and exhibitions. The anthropological is the most interesting part because you can see some mummies, vases, skeletons, and old sarcophagus found in the region. It always amuses both adults and children. In addition to objects from past civilizations  it also has artifacts about the early colonizers of Sucre City.

Museo Charcas

Sucre is one of the most beautiful cities in Bolivia that is gifted with a gorgeous weather and stunning attractions.  Although it is not a big city, it has its own captivating charms, four days are sufficient to hear and try the things to do and everything it offers. Sucre is also the constitutional capital of Bolivia, and it is undoubtedly the best gastronomic city because along its cobbled streets and attractive edifices, it has the largest cuisine offering from every city of the country which makes it unique, along with its interesting history.

Its people,  architecture, and the variety of things to do make Sucre well loved by travelers.  It’s a great city to explore because it has everything a traveler could want; museums, parks, bars, restaurants, markets of all kinds, craft very well priced, and you can easily see performances of indigenous music. One way to know a place is to know and understand its tourist sites, and Sucre City brings it all. 

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