Bus Ticket From Sarajevo To Zagreb

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When in Sarajevo, it is a must to see the Sarajevo War Tunnel. The visit is very useful to understand how Sarajevo has managed to survive for almost 4 years while under siege by the Bosnian Serb army. It is a bit hard to find, but when you are in the area anyone you meet on the street is happy to show you the way.

Bus Ticket From Sarajevo To Zagreb


The upper town of Zagreb lends itself to a relaxing stroll among buildings, museums and the particular church of San Marco and its colorful roof that draws the Croatian flag. You can get lost in the narrow streets of the upper town and suddenly find yourself in the typical market of the city and 100 meters more of walking in a tree-lined street with music coming from somewhere in the distance.

Here are the available modes of transport from Sarajevo to Zagreb.

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Bus Ticket From Sarajevo To Zagreb

The distance between Sarajevo to Zagreb is 378 km. There are three bus transport service companies that cover the Sarajevo to Zagreb route; Croatia Bus, Biss- Tours, and Fils.  Bus trips can be availed 4 times daily. The travel time is eight hours. The one way bus ticket ranges from US$27 to US$40. If you need the full bus schedule, check here: http://www.croatiabus.hr/index.php?lang=hr

Bus Ticket From Sarajevo To Zagreb

Driving all the way from Sarajevo to Zagreb is another practical option; the travel time is five hours and ten minutes.

Train Ticket From Sarajevo To Zagreb    

Travelling by train from Sarajevo to Zagreb requires a three hour bus ride (via Biss-Tours) to the train station in Slavonski Brod. From this point, you must take the Croatian Railways HZ (Line Regional) train that is bound to the city of Zagreb. The fare is US$16 and the travel duration is two hours and 22 minutes.

Airplane Ticket From Sarajevo To Zagreb

Croatia Airlines offer two scheduled non-stop flights from Sarajevo to Zagreb daily. The travel time is 50 minutes and the plane ticket costs US$160. To get the whole details of air travel, check this: http://www.oagaviation.com/

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