Florianopolis - Amazing Brazilian Island Beach

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florianopolis brazilThe island has 42 main beaches   travel forum (each with a distinct neighborhood and personality surrounding it, so truly something for everyone), innumerable parks, natural reserves, squares, large lagoons, sand dunes, and much more.

The natural beauties of the island & the Brazilian hot Girls  travel forum attract many people, not only in Brazil, but also in neighbor countries, especially Argentines, Uruguayan, Paraguayan and Chilean tourists who seek its beaches on summer. There are beaches  travel forum of different formats: little bays or with long strip of land; with powerful or calm waves such as lakes; crowded of bathers which agitate them or almost deserts; urbanized or hidden ones and with access only by trails. Divers, as well fishermen and surfing, windsurfing and sailing follower, who found good places for practicing their sports.



florianopolis brazil

Florianopolis also satisfies people who appreciate historical places. The forts from XVIII century, risen up to protect the island against foreign invaders can be visited and proportionate good strolls. The city center has reconstructed ancient buildings, such as Palacio Cruz (Cruz Palace) and Souza with historical museum, the building where it was Alfondega (Customhouse) and Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market).

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Roughly saying, the island can be divided in two sectors: in the north is the most visited side by tourists and because of that, the busiest and with the best services infrastructure. In some quarters notice a strong influence in the population architecture and customs.


florianopolis brazilThere are beaches to all preferences. Canasvieiras, Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, Jurere Ingleses ones are urbanized and concentrate many tourists. My favorite beach though is Dos Ingleses, When I travel to floripa I always go thier first.

However if you prefer quieter places I suggest you to go to Mozambique, the most extent beach of the island, and Campeche. If you prefer adventuring in forest trails and getting to places almost deserts, you can go to Naufragados and Lagoinha do Leste ones. Pantano do Sul is located near a fishermen' settlement and Santo Antonio de Lisboa which has a nice thorps with ancient buildings. Surfers will find excellent waves in many beaches, such as Joaquina, Mole, Matadeiro and Brava. The calmer water from Cachoeira do Bom Jesus (Bom Jesus Waterfalls) and Ponta das Canas is ideal for nautical sports.

Schooners take the tourists to visit the forts and to Costa da Lagoa (Lake's Coast), a fishermen's thorp which preserves customs of its Azorean ancestors intensely. On Ilha do Campeche (Campeche Island) there are several rupestrian inscriptions on archaeological places. Nearby Lagoa da Conceicao, there are also forest trails to thorps and sugar plantation ruins of XVII century.

In the enormous lake of blue waters, surrounded by some white sand dunes, it's possible to practice windsurfing, kayak, sailing and jet ski. Craftswomen, who manages bobbin laces, make wonderful lace works, and sell their products in the little stores of the region. In the streets around, there are restaurants, bars, dancing clubs and cafes that make Lagoa's nightlife the most excited of the city.

travel forum

Beaches in Florianopolis

The beaches to the north of the island are generally the most agitated, many offering excellent tourist infrastructure and leisure opportunities.
From beaches with calm crystal clear waters to others with enormous waves, a vast variety of beaches can be enjoyed in Florianopolis, catering for all tastes.

The best time to visit the beaches in Florianopolis is in the months of January, February, March and April when mercury soars and waters are warm. May is good only on hot days. The climate of Florianopolis is subtropical with precipitation evenly spread across the whole year. Summers are hot with a temperature range of 28 degree Celsius to 31 degree Celsius and also have high average rainfall. The winters are cold with least precipitation and temperatures range from 7 degree Celsius to 12 degree Celsius.

West side of the island
The waters at the Floripa beaches on the west side of the island are calm and protected and thus great for families and swimming.

East coast of the Island
The entire east coast of the island is blessed with a constant flow of powerful Atlantic Ocean swells, making for some of the most amazing and consistent year round surfing you will find anywhere. Due to Floripa's unique topography and gradually evolving degree of exposure to the ocean there are likely incredible waves somewhere in Florianopolis at virtually any given time, the location varying based on swell direction and wind conditions.

East Coast Beaches
Joaquina, Mole, Praia da Galheta, Barra da Lagoa and Moambique which are all popular for surfing but Joaquina, Mole and Mocambique are the best.
Praia da Galheta is a nudist beach although nudity is optional. Mocambique is called the great beach because it is the longest beach in Florianopolis extending about 5 kilometers and very popular with surfers too. Barra da Lagoa is popular with tourists for gliding and hand-gliding. Mole beach is called by many as "soft beach" for its soft sand; it is also known for its strong and long waves also.

North Coast Beaches
Praia do Santinho, Praia dos Ingleses, Brava, Lagoinha, Ponta das Canas, Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, Canasvieiras, Jurere, Praia da,, Daniela, Sambaqui and Santo Antonio de Lisboa. Praia de Santinho is popular with surfers for its strong waves and with gliders for its varying peaks. Praia Ingleses is known for its extensive forts along the beach and also fine white dunes. Brava beach is associated with ultra modern infrastructure. Lagoinha beach is one of the oldest beaches that were discovered and is popular with surf enthusiasts. Ponta das Canas beach is a favorite family beach for its mellowing sand and calm waters. Cachoeira do Bom Jesus has green waters that have pleasant temperature and are perfect for swimming. Canasvieiras beach is another one which is a favorite among surfers. Jurere beach is also a long beach; about 4.5 kilometers long and is one of the calmest beaches to relax. Praia da Daniela is popular among children for its calm waves and wide sand bands which serve as a good playing ground. Sambaqui beach is a picturesque beach surrounded by beautiful mountains and providing a panoramic view of the North Bay and the continent. Santo Antonio de Lisboa is a beach known for its historic buildings with great architecture and succulent cuisines. The beaches of Florianopolis north get really busy during the peak season and offer visitors good options of bars, restaurants, hotels, nightlife and other amenities.

South Coast Beaches
Campeche, Morro das Pedras, Armao Matadeiro, Lagoinha do Leste, Pantano do Sul, Praia da Solido, Praia dos Naufragados, Aiores and Ribeirio da Ilha which are really beautiful and some are good for surfing too. Remote beaches like Naufragados and Lagoinha do Leste located in the south end of Florianopolis can be reached only via trail. The lagoon of Conceicao is a popular natural attraction and is the focal point of Florianopolis where entertainment, sports and cuisine are top class.

So here are the beaches......  travel forum ..........

  Praia Mole Or Mole Beach
This is my Favorite Beach, For me it is beach number 1 !!!
I Like Praia Mole since all the hot girls go there, there are no families in this beach, and most of the people are
young people who like to party and do some surf. There are lots of bars on the beach where you can here
live music, and has a party ambient on it.
Praia Mole is one of Brazil's best surf spots. I do not recommend Mole for children as there is a deep pit on the shore that must be crossed in order to reach a sandbank.
Public parking, showers, toilets and lifeguard are some of the services offered here. Also, there are bars where seafood and snacks are served.

travel forum Aiores Beach
Aiores Beach is located 15 kilometers away from the center of Florianopolis, in the south end of the Pantano do Sul inlet.
Hard sand and cold water are the most notable features of this beach, where young people gather together.
Since a number of low houses were built in this beach over the past years, this is nowadays a densely populated area. Great for taking baths, especially when winds are slight.


Armao Beach
Located 25 kilometers away from the center of the island, Armao Beach is 2.25 kilometers long.
This beach reminds visitors of an old village that used to be a base point for whale hunting. There are many waves though the sea here is still safe for swimmers.
Traditional fishing is a strong activity in this beach and a range of restaurants can be visited facing the square and the old chapel. It is also in Armao that one of the most important archeological sites of the province can be found.
travel forum


travel forum Barra da Lagoa beach
Located 20 kilometers away from the center of Florianopolis, Barra da Lagoa is one of the island's most popular beaches and the main fishing area.
The sea has gentle waves that allow surfing, especially on the right side of the beach.
A foot bridge has been built across the tidewater channel that links the lagoon to the sea. This bridge can be crossed in order to reach Prainha.
During the month of July the Festa da Tainha (The Party of the Mullet) takes place in Barra da Lagoa. Hundreds of visitors join this celebration, which is organized by local people.


Bom Abrigo Beach
As its name suggests, Bom Abrigo is a beach with calm waters and slight winds. This beach is located in a residential area. However, a range of bars and restaurants can be enjoyed here and the nightlife is the main attraction.
travel forum


travel forum Brava Beach
This beach proves ideal for surfers since waves are generally big. Nevertheless, it is still possible to take long baths.
Praia Brava is located 38 kilometers away from the center of the island, behind a hill from where a breathtaking panoramic view can be enjoyed.
With 1.7 kilometers of soft sand, the sea is pretty deep here since the beach is inclined. The commercial activity has increased greatly over the past years due to the number of buildings that are being put up here.


Cachoeira do Bon Jesus Beach
The calm water is the main feature of this beach. The island's most beautiful houses can be found in this seaside resort.
It is located twenty seven kilometers away from the city center and a wide variety of camp sites can be found here.
travel forum


travel forum Cacupe Beach
This beach, which bears a close similarity to places such as San Antonio de Lisboa and Sambaqui, proves ideal for people looking for a quiet place. A number of smart restaurants can be found at Cacupe, a great place to have a picnic or to go on a family holiday.


Caieira do Riberio Beach
This beach is located in a bay, in a remote fishing village. Since the sea bottom is quite muddy, taking a bath here is not recommended. However, fishing for king prawns is a popular activity here.
travel forum


travel forum Campeche Beach
Located 20 kilometers away from the city center, Campeche is a long beach surrounded by small dunes and vegetation.
This beach 11 kilometers long is one of the chief attractions in the south area of the island. A variety of bars and restaurants can be found at the entrance.
Facing Campeche beach we found an island bearing the same name, covered in lush natural vegetation.


Canasvieiras Beach
Canasvieiras is a meeting place for Argentine tourists in Florianopolis. Hence, portunol becomes the official language during the summer. This is one of the island's busiest beaches.
Bars, restaurants, hotels, boites, camp sites and other tourist facilities can be found here allowing visitors to enjoy a pleasant stay.
Moreover, a variety of sports can be done here since all the necessary equipment is available for visitors. Many hotels, clubs and inns offer tennis courts, for example.
This beach, almost four kilometers long, has warm calm water with tiny waves. It is possible to travel by boat to nearby islands. Provided weather conditions are favorable, we can reach Anhatomirin island in forty minutes.
Nearer the beach, the Frenchman island is found. Another option in this beach, located twenty seven kilometers away from the center, is to hire bicycles.
travel forum


travel forum Daniela Beach
This beach is ideal for families with small children since the sea here is quiet and warm. A vast number of summer houses can be seen along its three kilometers.
travel forum


Do Forte Beach
Leaving from Jurere International and after a steep slope, the beach known as Praia do Forte de Sao Jose da Ponta Grossa is found. This is one of the greatest fortresses the Portuguese settlers built. It is possible to eat seafood at any of the bars that are distributed along the beach or to hire boats for a ride.
The waters are calm and warm. However, due to the difficult access and the few services that are offered here, this beach is not very popular among tourists.
travel forum


travel forum Dos Ingleses Beach
Dos Ingleses beach is located forty kilometers away from the center of this island. This beach, which is five kilometers long, is one of the top tourist destinations in summer. Its name comes from a ship that went down here in the year 1700.
This is one of the beaches with the best infrastructure in the island. Bars, petrol stations and a large number of summer houses available to rent can be found here. Furthermore, in this beach it is possible to go surfing or to take a pleasant bath at the same time.   


Galheta Beach
Located next to Praia Mole, Praia da Galheta is a semi-deserted beach and it is only possible to access it on foot.
It can be reached by means of a 300 meter trail which begins at the left end of Praia Mole.
As there are no restaurants or other commercial establishments on Praia da Galheta, the beach is ideal for a public which wishes to enjoy nature at its fullest. In 1986 Galheta became a nude beach.
Although the number of visitors has diminished over the past years, this beach is still very popular among naturists. The waves are normally gentle and the water is as cold as in Praia Mole.
travel forum

Gravata Beach
This small round inlet facing the north can be seen from Praia Mole. In order to reach this beach the headland must be crossed walking. Thus, this beach is almost deserted. It becomes a natural pool when the wind comes from the south since it is protected.   

Itaguasu Beach
A rural landscape and rocks that spatter the sea are the main features of Itaguasu Beach. This beach is located in the area where the first seaside resorts in Florianopolis began to develop. Its water is not suitable for taking baths. Nevertheless, it offers breathtaking views.   

Joaquina Beach
The Joaquina beach, which won fame when surfers from around the world discovered its waves and surf competitions began to be held, it is one of the beaches that offer the best tourist facilities. Moreover, it is located 17 kilometers away from the city center and the sea is quite rough here. This beach is known as Joaca among surfers.
Legend has it that an old lady named Joaquina was knitting in the sand when a mountainous wave devoured here. Nowadays, this beach is three and a half kilometers long.
In addition to hotels, restaurants, bars, lifeguards and police station, other services are offered in Joaquina, such as public showers and toilets. There is a small charge for using the last services.
Due to the great waves and the strong currents, taking a swim here is not recommended. This beach is always crammed with surfers and body borders wearing colourful suits.
Thanks to the lighting system of the beach it possible to practice sports during the night as well. Moreover, an ample private parking space, ice cream shops and arts and craft stores can be found here too.

Jurere Beach
Juerere is a beach four and a half kilometers long with green crystal clear warm waters, where there are hardly any waves.
It is located twenty three kilometers away from the city center.
Many summer houses can be found along Juerere. During this season a vast number of Latin tourists arrive at this beach, where good services are offered. Conditions for swimmers and sports people are excellent as well.
One of the main features of Jurere is its beautiful small bay, where sailboats and motorboats from the Santa Catarina Yacht Club make up stunning scenery.   

Lagoa de Conceisao Beach
The "Lagoa de Conceisao" is one of the best-known tourist spots in Florianopolis and an area of great historical importance. What is more, this beach has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. At night, Lagoa de Conceisao is an excellent attraction and a wide variety of bars and restaurants can be visited.
Artists, writers and more seek refuge in this beautiful place. This lagoon has almost 20 kilometers of salt waters and well preserved buildings from Colonial times can be found here.
Along Avenida das Rendeiras, the avenue surrounding the lake, you will find friendly old ladies that keep the tradition of weaving handmade linen fabrics alive. Tourists are encouraged to explore Florianopolis and all its attractions.   

Lagoinha do Leste Beach
Another deserted beach that can only be accessed walking but it is definitely well worth visiting. The main route to reach this beach consists of a climb that takes about an hour. There is a path to follow along the headland.
The access is located between Armao and Pantano do Sul. There is no infrastructure whatsoever at this paradise of soft sand and rough sea. Lagoinha is located on the left side of the beach and campers settle in the edges.
The exuberant native forestry together with calm waters are the main features of this place, which is a natural attraction not to be missed. This beach is one kilometre and a half long.

Matadeiro Beach
A small river separates Matadeiro from Armao beach. Hence, the only way to access Matadeiro is walking. This place is excellent to go surfing and to do other sports such as volleyball, football, etc. A wide variety of bars can be found here as well.

Morro das Pedras Beach
This beach is located 22 kilometers away from Florianopolis. Since the sea here is quite rough, extra care must be taken.
The access to the beach can be seen before reaching a bend in the path. This is an area of outstanding beauty, where the waves breaking on the rocky coastline are an attraction not to be missed.
At the top of the mount facing the beach, there is a building made from rocks taken from this beach, the Jesuit Priests' Retreat House. This building affords a stunning view of the Armao beach and the Peri Lagoon.

Moambique Beach
Also known as Praia Grande, this 12 km beach with soft sand is the island's largest beach. This quiet, deserted beach, where almost no buildings can be found, is located thirty five kilometers away from the center and has a small commercial infrastructure.
Moambique is located near the conservation areas and together with the Santinho Dunes and the park of Rio Vermelho they constitute a natural reserve. Such reserve covers an area of one thousand and four hundred square meters.
It is one of the best surfing beaches and the water here is cold. This beach got its name from a mollusk similar to an oyster, called Moambique that can be easily found in its sand.   

Naufragados Beach
To access this beach, we must travel to Ribeirio da Ilha in first place, located about twenty eight kilometers from downtown Florianopolis. Naufragados beach is accessible via a trail which begins at the end of Caieira da Barra do Sul, twelve kilometers ahead.
Once there, we must walk three kilometer through the headland in order to reach the southernmost beach of the island. Although access is not easy, this beach offers breathtaking sceneries not to be missed.
The name Naufragados (Castaways) came from the sailors that found refuge on the beach in 1751, when a Portuguese ship ran aground during a storm. This beach, which is one thousand and five hundred meters long, has white sand and the sea is quite rough. It is highly recommended for people who prefer a wild and unspoilt landscape.

Pantano do Sul Beach
Considered one of the most traditional fishing villages of the Island, Pantano do Sul is located 31 kilometers away from the center of Florianopolis.
A wide variety of restaurants can be found here. Although the sea is quite rough, its waves hardly pose a risk for swimmers.
More than just a visually stunning area, the spot is also known for its archaeological wealth. It has a wide strip of sand 2.35 kilometres long.   

Ponta das Canas Beach
Due to the enemy attacks this area had to resist in the past, the north part of Florianopolis is known for being better developed than the south, and Ponta das Canas is no different.
Located 34 km from downtown, Ponta das Canas is a beach with calm, quiet waters which are usually warm.
With a stretch of white fine sand about 1.9 km long, it offers good conditions for doing water sports. Many Argentine and Uruguayan tourists spend their summer holidays here.

Ponta de Caiacanga Beach
Located in the south end of Caieira do Riberio, this beach consists of a rocky end where the fishermen live. Taking baths here is not recommended.

Ribeirio da Ilha Beach
Located 36 kilometers from downtown Florianopolis, Ribeirio da Ilha was one of Florianopolis' first communities.
This place is made up of several small beaches with calm waters and thick sand. A well worth visiting beach with a rich history to discover.
The Azorean row houses, the museum, the Nossa Senora da Lapa Church, everything reminds us of the times of the Portuguese settlers.

Sambaqui Beach
Sambaqui, which belongs to the San Antonio de Lisboa district, is an ideal place for people looking for tranquility and an excellent option for leisure.
The name Sambaqui refers to the extensive deposits of shells, oyster shells, and other fossilized remains from indigenous communities that can be found in the sand.
This is a beach with calm and clear waters. Traditional parties such as the "Boi de Mambo" dance are held here to preserve the customs of the Azorian culture. A variety of bars and restaurants can be found here as well.

San Antonio de Lisboa Beach
Like Sambaqui, San Antonio de Lisboa is a strikingly beautiful place. Its warm and calm waters are hugely enjoyed by tourists.
Santo Antonio de Lisboa was one of the first Azorean communities to settle in Florianopolis.
Rocks and stones can be found along the wide stretch of coarse sand. Oyster farms and fishing are very popular activities here.

Santinho Beach
Located approximately 40 km from downtown, Santinho beach is 2.5 kilometers long.
A rough sea and a wide stretch of white soft sand are the main features of this beach, which is a great surf spot. Moreover, this beach is highly popular among young people.
Santinho has a lot to offer in terms of history and culture as well. One striking example of this is the variety of rock inscriptions done by Carij's natives who inhabited the region thousands of years ago.

Saudade Beach
This calm, small and narrow beach is located at the end of Desembargador Pedro Silva Avenue. Very crowded and with a bushy grove, Saudade is not suitable for taking baths.   

Solidno Beach
A small refuge surrounded by hills and rocks, in the south of Pantano do Sul. With a wide stretch of hard sand, it is great for taking baths when light winds blow. There are several attractions to enjoy here, including a stream that runs down the hill and forms a waterfall with a natural pool.

Tapera Beach
Tapera is located on the west coast of the island, near the airport, thirty kilometers away from downtown. The water is clean and calm.
This beach is one and a half kilometers long and its sand is white, hard and coarse. The Isla do Largo is found in the sea facing this beach. There are bars next to the beach and it is an excellent option for leisure.

Eating in Florianopolis

The cookery is based on seafoods - fishes, shrimps, mussels that are served in simple restaurants near the sea or in well-equipped establishments.
Seafood dishes are the Florianopolis specialty. The oysters, which are cultivated in the south of the island, in the turned side of the continent, can be consumed very fresh, soon after being extracted from the sea. The mullet, which is fished between May and June, is prepared to "escalada" way. It is salted, dry and after served grilled. It's one of the most typical dishes of the region.

The city also offers resorts and good hotels.
The hotels are concentrate mainly in the center and in the beaches in the north of the island. There are also options of little inns and a resort. Florianopolis has a good communications and services structure. It offers numerous receptive tourism agencies, car rental agencies and branches from the main banks. It has modern equipments to the organization of events.

Florianopolis is 1700 km far from Brasilia, 700 km from Sao Paulo and 1100 km from Rio de Janeiro. Its airport has domestic flights. The road terminal receives buses from many capitals and Brazilian cities and from Mercosul countries (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay).

Best Time to Go in my Opinion is Januray or Feburary, Summer time Crowded with people, In July the island is dead since it is very cold.

How much does it cost?

From personal experience, an arm and two legs. It's definitely not the cheapest place I have ever been to. A decent pousada will set you back a staggering 80 R$ a night - I stayed in one for 40 R$ and got lice - whilst a good meal in a self service place will set you back about 6 R$. The local tourist people told me that a couple should aim to spend about $500 for a week.

globe Explore Brazil

8 Replies:

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Bronze Traveler0   Points

Posts: 2

What about night life in Florianopolis,
Any Suggestions?
What are the best bars and clubs to hang out, In what streets are they concentrated ?
Any help will be apreciated, I travel with my brother, and we wanna know ahead where to go.

Cheers  lol

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Bronze Traveler2   Points

Posts: 5

Hi Emma,
Night Life in Floripa is great, I will tell you more Your Brazil tour will be incomplete if you do not experience the dazzling nightlife in Florianopolis.

There are quite a number of bars, pubs, discos and night clubs in Florianopolis which are visited by the locals and foreign tourists.

Visit the Lagoa da Concei??o area which has quite a number of bars and pubs where the locals and foreign nationals mingle out and party.
There are quite a number of bars and pubs in and around Praia dos Ingleses.

Visit Mandalla which is one of the most popular bars. This bar is positioned at a high altitude from where you can view the spectacular sight of the lagoon. The patrons visiting the bar can waltz on the dance floor to the tunes of live band performances sipping in various beverages.

Another popular nightlife venue is the Drakkar which is known for its rocking musical performances. This venue is an ideal place for your cocktail parties.

If you want to dance the night away to the popular numbers played by the local bands then you can head out to Praia Mole's Latitude 27 which is another popular venue. This place is quite spacious and can accommodate plenty of revelers on the dance floor. Drive downtown and visit Skuna which is one of the favorite hangout spots for the locals.

Besides you can also visit quite a number of other places like Floribar Caf? Lounge, John Bull Pub, Sins Pub and Emp?rio do Chopp.

The nightlife in Florianopolis is indeed stunning and attracts a lot of tourists and locals with its electrifying venues.

Hope this answers your questions Emma, And have a great trip with your brother.

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Bronze Traveler3   Points

Posts: 4

:bad:) Thanks Kevin,
Very Usefull info, I will try to hang out there next time I am In Floripa  :y:)

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United States United States
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Posts: 10

Nice pictures Kevin,
and thanks for this very nice info.

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India India
Diamond5   Points

Posts: 41

Amazing beaches to party  :nightlife:). One of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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After looking this beaches i am just feeling i would add this beaches in my top beaches of the world list, the info you given about the beaches are really awesome ones.

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New Zealand New Zealand
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Posts: 22

I  stayed at Floripa Backpackers in Barra de Lagoa. What a beaut place and lovely long beach. You can learn to surf there and most nights the Hostellers would go to the beach, light a fire and talk with the locals. If you go to Florianopolis then it is worth going to one of the beach settlements for a few days. Love it here!

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India India
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Posts: 7

I think the night life one of the best in Florianopolis

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