Magnificence Of Mystical Cave Lake In Brazil

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In Brazil lies this invisible pool that seems to disappear when during sunlight.  This is a 16 meter underground cave that has transparent crystalline blue water alongside submerged trees. These are what make it very hard to tell where the water would end and where the rocks can start. The Poco Azul cavern is situated in the Chapada Diamantina National Park. Tourists who come here are encouraged to take a dip in it.  When you come here, you are forced to do a double take. It is so mystical that you are going to love staring deep into it and even take a dip.

Poco Azul cavern

Thanks to a 40-year-old photographer, Marcio Duranc, who had captured everything about the cave for us to see. It in the 1920s that this place was discovered when diamond was searched for in the region. The invisibility of this place is totally caused by the light that is seeping through one of the holes in the cavern walls. The sun rays is seen radiating the blue waters and the water is left at 75 degrees Fahrenheit in every season and this is what forms this spectacular beauty that is associated with this place.

When visitors come here, there is this temptation to take a dive in the waters and this is what they are granted when they are allowed to take a dip.  It is at the outskirts of Igatu that this water is located. A dip is all you need to tell the great stories. This is one of the places that you can only find once upon a time, there are a lot of amazing things that you can see here and for those who are thinking of meeting an extraordinary scene in their lifetime, we believe that this is the right place for them to be.

Poco Azul cavern

There is no issue of crowd here because it is only a few people that are allowed to enter once in a time, this is a controlled placed and the government would not want to spoil the preservation here. There is another cave that is located at the bottom of a great sinkhole, close to the Paraguaçu River in Nova Redenção, this is seen on the eastern front of Chapada Diamantina. cave diver and film maker Tulio Shargel came here in the 1990s and discovered a part of the skeleton of a giant five tonne sloth. This creature was believed to be extinct more than 11,000 years ago during the Pleistocene period

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Autumn is the best time for you to come here and it is called the Blue Pit.  It is during the autumn that you can clearly see the sun rays penetrate the cavern, it would hit the blue water and make an impression in the waters. No one has come here and ever regrets coming here. If you are wondering the next place to be, come next vacation, the Blue Pit is the right place to be. The magical world of this place is simply irresistible and alluring.

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