Paranagua To Macae By Bus

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For nature lovers, the Honey Island or the Ilha do Mel State Park in Paranagua is a destination that cannot be missed. You will be charmed by the beautiful landscapes, crystal clear beach waters, and exciting trails.

Paranagua To Macae By Bus


Pecado Beach is one of the best beaches in Macae. The beach has complete facilities. It is also good to walk through the sand, but be careful with the force of the waves.

Here are the available modes of transport from Paranagua to Macae.

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Paranagua To Macae By Bus

The distance between Paranagua to Macae is 1045 km. There are three bus rides to complete when travelling from Paranagua to Macae. First, take the Viacao Graciosa bus from Paranagua to Curritiba. Next, take the Brasil Bus Transport service from Curritiba to Sao Paulo. From here, take the Itapemirim Bus service that goes straight to Macae. The total travel duration is 18 hours and ten minutes. The overall bus transport fare is US$63. For details, check: 

Paranagua To Macae By Bus

If driving is your travel option from Paranagua to Macae, the travel time is 12 hours.

Paranagua To Macae By Train

There is no railway transport service that covers the Paranagua to Macae route.

Paranagua To Macae By Plane

There are three commercial flights to choose from when travelling by plane from Paranagua to Macae. All flights must hail from the domestic airport of Curritiba. The travel time is four hours for US$300. For more information, visit:

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