Ponta Pora To Salta By Bus

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Ponta Pora

For those who like culture, the Erva Mate Museum in Ponto Pora is an interesting place where you can learn a little history of the city. It is well maintained and blessed with a wealth of information.

Ponta Pora To Salta By Bus


The Cathedral of Salta is one of the most visited churches in Argentina. The tour service is excellent and it looks elegant when illuminated at night. Check out the interior, it is stunning and well preserved.

Here are the available modes of transport from Ponta Pora to Salta.

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Ponta Pora To Salta By Bus

The distance between Ponto Pora to Salta is 1375 km. There are three bus rides to complete and it starts from Ponta Pora via the Municipalidad de Asuncion Bus Transport Service that is bound to Asuncion. From there, take the Sol del Paraguay bus that goes to the town of Resistencia. From there, take the El Norte Bis bus that goes straight to Salta City. The total travel time is 23 hours for US$89. For details, check: http://www.mca.gov.py/i_teromnibus/nacional/la%20ovetense/html/pj%20caballero.htm

Ponta Pora To Salta By Bus

If you prefer to drive, the travel time is 20 hours.

Ponta Pora To Salta By Train

There is no railway transport service that covers the Ponto Pora to Salta route.

Ponta Pora To Salta By Plane

You must make it to the Iguazu Airport and take a commercial flight (Aerolineas Argentinas) to reach Salta from Ponta Pora. The travel time is three hours for US$190. For details, check: http://www.oag.com/

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