Things To Do In Belo Horizonte

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Belo Horizonte (“beautiful horizon” in Portuguese) earned its name from the amazing sight of its encompassing mountains. Brazil's third-largest city has significant appeal and countless attractions and natural wonders. You will enjoy strolling along the dazzling cosmopolitan boulevards of the Savassi community on a Saturday night, partaking in the sumptuous Brazilian dishes served in Lourdes’ fine restaurant. Or perhaps you prefer seeing the entire city at the lookout point of Serra Da Moeda, and learning about its interesting history inside the old building of Palacio Da Liberdade.

To learn more about the city's rich culture, a visit to the Palacio Das Artes is imperative. It is an artistic and cultural complex with beautiful showrooms, art galleries, cinemas and theaters. It is  a great way to spend an evening while watching the world class performances of the artists from Belo Horizonte.

Things To Do in Belo Horizonte

When To Go:

Belo Horizonte has a tropical atmosphere. It is important to remember that the seasons are "turned around" from the north side of the equator. Summer starts in December and winter starts in June.

By and large, while temperatures are, for the most part, more sultry in the southern half of the equator than anyplace in the northern half of the globe. Also, the cooler months in Belo Horizonte can be icy, and the dependably hotter months bring an abnormal amount of precipitation.

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Things To Do in Belo Horizonte

The months of May, June, and August are no doubt the most ideal months to visit the city. While temperatures are generally warm, these three months usually have the least amount of precipitation. Yet, the climate is still quite variable because of the likelihood of downpours and icy weather. Be prepared and check whether there are any sudden weather changes before heading out to the city of Belo Horizonte.

These are the top tourists spots and things to do in the city of Belo Horizonte…


Memorial Minas Gerais Vale

The State of Minais Gerais Vale made an excellent investment both in physical assets and the culture of Belo Horizonte. They kept the historic character of this building and set up a museum that tells the history and culture of mining, crafts, local religion and beliefs, among other topics. The Memorial Minais Gerais Vale tells the story of the birth of the city of Belo Horizonte. This museum is within walking distance of the center of town in the downtown area.

Memorial Minas Gerais Vale

It's very well laid out and there is no entry fee. There are no English translations and all information is in Portuguese, but it is still excellent. There is also a beautiful adjacent park that sometimes offers live music and a safe and pleasant stay even until nighttime.  

Visitors have the opportunity to leave their belongings in a locker and quietly visit the museum. They also offer headphones which provide information according to the room in which you are standing and while one is walking through the museum. It has historical, recreational, social and cultural halls recounting the experiences of the miners in their day to day lives. It is highly recommended to dedicate a full morning or afternoon to visit this place.


Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Belo Horizonte

The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Belo Horizonte has several exhibitions. It is easy to access and people can learn plenty of information from their timelines - especially about the historic towns of Ouro Preto and Mariana. The CCBBH has varied exhibitions and pieces by celebrated artists –including the early works of Frida Kahlo. The ancient building itself is worth the visit. It is an obligatory stop for anyone visiting Belo Horizonte and Liberty Square, mainly because it is right next to the bandstand. It is like a journey through time and everything is well maintained and clean. There are several receptionists that are helpful and polite and answer questions about the Centro. Inside there is a very nice bookstore and exhibitions that vary considerably and have something for every taste. During the holidays, there are interesting workshops for children and adults. 

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Belo Horizonte

The center also helps bring international artists together. At Coffee with Letters, you can find room to sit and chat with friends while being delighted by an excellent menu. In addition to its beautiful architecture, the CCBB has wonderful cafes and restaurants, often with live music. It is a place that is classic, cool, and very interesting to check out while in the city of Belo Horizonte.


Igreja Batista da Lagoinha (Baptist Church of the Pond)

The impression you will get when you see videos or photos of the Igreja Batista da Lagoinha or the Baptist Church of the Pond on the Internet is that it is a huge temple, but the site is relatively small. It has three floors in a circular form that makes it look larger than it is. The flow of people and faithful devotees is always massive and Sunday service makes the church quite crowded. The outdoor area is a challenge to navigate because of its very tight sidewalks, little space to park and an incredibly steep hill.

Igreja Batista da Lagoinha

It is one of the most prominent and oldest churches in Belo Horizonte and deserves a visit. If you want to see a real gospel show, this is the place. They really put great effort in presenting a nice way to explain the gospel. But, if you want a moment of introspection and prayer you may find it difficult because the church is very busy. Within the premises, there is a bookstore and food court. This is a church that boasts the presence of God; the members are welcoming and believers will emerge with a spirit of peace and renewed faith.


Praca da Liberdade (Freedom Square)

The Praca da Liberdade is a beautiful square frequented by citizens of Belo Horizonte. It is here where the locals perform various activities, such as running or walking around the square. It can be seen from both the ancient and modern buildings that surround it. The Freedom Square is the official postcard image of the city of Belo Horizonte. It is used for events of all kinds. The square is located in the heart of the city, in front of the Governor's Palace. It is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon, to take a walk, or to spend a romantic date.

Praca da Liberdade

You’ll find an excellent museum complex and is located in an area that is easily accessible near the traditional neighborhood of Belo Horizonte Platinum. You can also explore the Mall of Palms and gardens, which are ideal places to stroll on weekends, and there's always something going on there. At Christmas time, this square is elegantly decorated and the mood is festive. Recommend visit times are during the early morning or late in the afternoon period when the sun is not as intense. Come here to exercise or chat and observe people.


Igreja Sao Francisco De Assis

The Church of San Francisco or the Igreja Sao Francisco De Assis is located in the Pampulha Lagoon and is visited by many tourists for its simple and beautiful structure. The church exudes its own mystical charm in addition to its historical and cultural heritage.

Igreja Sao Francisco De Assis

It is a very different church from other churches in the city and it is interesting for its curved shapes and paintings inside. It is an emblematic work of Oscar Niemeyer that Brazilians are very proud of. For its history and significant role in the faith of the people in Belo Horizonte, it deserves the great attention it receives. The lagoon of Pampulha is also worth visiting.


Basilica Nossa Senhora de Lourdes

For those who are devoted to the Virgin Mother, the Basilica Nossa Senhora de Lourdes is a mandatory place to visit while in Belo Horizonte. The church is exquisite and a favorite site for weddings and Sunday Mass. Its Gothic style and the altar of Our Lady of Lourdes increase the devotion and faith of its followers. It has a beautiful outdoor garden and a charming coffee shop that add to the ambiance of this attraction.

Basilica Nossa Senhora de Lourdes

A short stop at the Church of Lourdes is worth it for those who are near the street of Bahia. When inside, you can pray, meditate or just enjoy its beauty and calm atmosphere. It successfully combines silence, the historical and cultural provocation of architecture, and sacred elements. The church is always open for visitation and Masses are celebrated at certain times. It is a delight to the eyes and brings sublime peace to the soul.


Sao Jose Church

The Sao Jose Church is in the center of the capital and a great place to either pray or enjoy a beautiful temple with rich architecture, paintings, and history. Recently, the church was restored inside and features fine paintings and altars. The church is open every day and offers a daily Mass.

Sao Jose Church

The Catholic church is located in the city center on the corner of Afonso and Bahia. It is an important part of Belo Horizonte history and has an architecture that refers to past decades. It is one of the most beautiful churches in the city that is easily accessible from the central region. It was recently renovated; the gates are kept open to the public.


MM Gerdau - Museu das Minas e do Metal (MM Gerdau Mines and Metals Museum)

The MM Gerdau - Museu das Minas e do Metal is located in a stunning space. Open the doors and find jewelry and stones together on a simple display. The museum itself is considered a work of art. It is situated in an old building in the vicinity of Freedom Square; where it is beautiful and well-maintained. Because it is an exhibition of minerals, the lights are always low and create a perfect climate to enjoy the hundreds of exhibits. It's a great place to go alone, with family or with your partner.

MM Gerdau - Museu das Minas e do Metal

The MM Gerdau Mines and Metals Museum completes a section of the Liberty Cultural Circuit where you can visit several museums and cultural centers in the same day. It is very well structured. Make sure to check the calendar ahead of time, because sometimes it hosts cultural presentations. The entire collection is breathtaking. For those who like chemistry and stone, this place is perfect. The museum is large and each part has something different, but the coolest portion is the mining elevator that simulates a very pleasant trip to the underground and never fails to attract most of its curious guests.


Palacio Da Liberdade (Freedom Palace)

The guided tour of the Palacio Da Liberdade or the Freedom Palace is worth it if you have the time and are interested in historical and architectural themes. The guides explain all the details of the building, further making a visit here ideal. The tour guides here are very friendly and well informed about their subjects. You'll probably have to wait in a long line to enter, especially on Sundays, when the tour is free. The palace is one of the facilities of the cultural circuit of Liberty Square, which also serves as an administrative center.

Palacio Da Liberdade

The guided tour is filled with lots of interesting information about each administration and the history of the governors who worked there. The building is very well maintained and offers lovely architecture.

It has been the seat of the state government of Minas Gerais and now serves as the main building of the square for visitors. It is very interesting to learn the history of the palace. Understanding all of its landmarks while on the tour will enrich your knowledge of Brazilian history during the time of the empires. It also has a very well maintained garden that you can revisit while you’re in the city of Belo Horizonte.


Mirante Mangabeiras

The environment at the Mirante Mangabeiras is well maintained and super safe. It is great to enjoy with friends and family as you enjoy the most beautiful sunset that lives up to the name of the city. The horizon and sunset make for a great atmosphere here before nightfall- perfect for an evening walk.

Mirante Mangabeiras

Getting here is simple, but it requires a small climb on foot to reach the observation deck of this lookout point. However, it is important that the weather be nice and the skies clear for a good view. The lookout post is not difficult to find and you’ll be safe to travel there as it is one of the most affluent neighborhoods of the city.


Serra Da Moeda

Minas Gerais is the capital of the mountains and hills in this area of the city, and it is illustrated well on this side of Belo Horizonte. The city has no beach, but still has a number of leisure activities that can be done in the mountain areas.  Try jumping on a hang glider, sailing in Lagoa dos Ingleses, trekking in the mountains, or many other recreations.

Serra Da Moeda

From the observation deck of the Serra Da Moeda you can check out the Top of the World Restaurant, which has an excellent view of the city and the best sunset. At the top of this restaurant is the Hang Gliding Club where you can jump on a hang glider. You’ll enjoy eating at the restaurant and drinking while watching the view and the hang gliders from the Delta Wings coloring the sky. It is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see in Belo Horizonte. There is a platform for delta and paragliding jump that overlooks the hills of Serra Da Moeda.


Museu De Artes & Oficios

The Museu De Artes & Oficios is located near Freedom Square and the other significant cultural attractions of the city. It is small but has a very nice collection. It is situated within a beautiful railway building that was recently restored. The Museum houses historical pieces that are about old professions, former and current crafts, kitchen utensils, tools and raw materials for handicrafts. It is very much worth the visit, and kids will enjoy it too. The Museum has several interesting artifacts and it contains several working tools (original) and information about many professions that no longer exist.

Museu De Artes & Oficios

The city of Belo Horizonte is worth getting to know for its majestic looking horizons and amusing points of interests that focus on the antiquity and importance of the city to the country of Brazil. Get to learn the culture, art, and heritage. If you need to enrich your faith and spirituality, you can do so with visits to the numerous old churches in the downtown area of the city. 

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