Things To Do In Curitiba

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A tour of Curitiba in Brazil without a visit to the Franz Krajcberg Cultural Space Curitiba Botanic Garden is a crime.  The iconic garden of this modern town in Brazil is a wonderful and perfect place to bring the family and take beautiful photos with. It is all green and you can spend quiet time watching the birds and be sure to enter the glass covered greenhouse, you will be delighted by what you will discover. The flowers that adorn the garden are impressive. No wonder it is one of the main postcards of the city that is also known for its lovely landscapes and contemporary art museums.

Things To Do In Curitiba

When To Go:

Unique in relation to numerous different urban areas in Brazil, this city is known for its warm and humid Subtropical Climate. It is the city with the most reduced temperatures, considerably lower from urban areas placed in southern locales. Individuals from Curitiba likewise say that the city has four seasons in one day, an aftereffect of the wide variety of temperatures for the duration of the day.

However, it is safe to see it all year round, but the coldest months begin from June, July and August. The tolerable summer season (February-March) normally doesn't last more than two months and it is usually around this time when the old museums, major attractions, and parks get very crowded with tourists and locals.

Things To Do In Curitiba

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Here are the interesting tourist sites and things to do in the majestic city of Curitiba…


Jardim Botanico de Curitiba

The Jardim Botanico de Curitiba in itself is easy to reach, surrounded by streets where parking is not difficult at no cost, and most of all safe. You can start by walking the paths of the botanical garden and to discover the beauty of the place that is all well signposted, clean, well-preserved, and where the glass greenhouse is wonderful.

Jardim Botanico de Curitiba

It is like a piece of the Amazon in the middle of the city of Curitiba, as well as the chance to see the lagoon with its fish, bridges and other wonderful animals, a must for anyone visiting the city. The garden is good looking, well-kept and all controlled in detail. If you want to visit an excerpt of calm in a city that is quite busy this is the right place.


Franz Krajcberg Cultural Space Curitiba Botanic Garden

You can barely feel the time pass when you’re inside the Franz Krajcberg Cultural Space Curitiba Botanic Garden. Because once you are inside the botanical garden of the Paranaense Capital, you not only get to appreciate the beauty of nature but also a chance to enjoy good paintings by local artists from Brazil. The lake is populated by colorful kois and carps that are parading for tourists. The landscape in general is very well cared for. In the greenhouse; the waypoint "mandatory" site it has various tropical plants and some came from all over the world.
Franz Krajcberg Cultural Space Curitiba Botanic Garden 

The grounds are well maintained; the view is amazing and has easy access from the city. Just go from the Rui Barbosa square and take the railway train "Centennial" and get off at the station opposite the Headquarters of the Robbery and Theft, next stop is the botanical garden. It is worth contemplating or spend quiet moments alone inside this calm and serene place in the busy city of Curitiba. It is quiet and very beautiful despite the fact that it is always full of people. There are many photo enthusiast or hobbyist taking pictures, but still is not difficult to find good and new angles that are worth the effort. It is a great choice for tourists that in addition to sightseeing, they will also get to enjoy the culture and history of Curitiba.


Metropolitan Cathedral of Curitiba

Metropolitan Cathedral of Curitiba

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Curitiba is a beautiful church that is close to the Tiradentes Square, which is located at the heart of the city center. You can come in and make a quick visit and it does not cost anything. Nothing attractive on the outside, but when you enter this religious structure, you will find a universe that brings you to the beginning of history. If you have the opportunity, try to attend a mass. The dynamics of the liturgy is very cool and complemented by the acoustics of its perfect sound system.


Estrada Da Graciosa (The Gracious Road)

Estrada Da Graciosa is a road that leads from the plateau to the sea and all the way through the humid forest of the Mata Atlantica and truly a breath taking sight. You will admire the lush vegetation, both for the landscapes and the villages that sometimes you meet on the way. If you want to get off the "greenhouse" and do not want to take the historic train, use this famous street as a viable alternative. The road is narrow and curvy, but the ancient landscape is fully surrounded by nature. There are stops for photographs and where you can take a pause to admire the views of the city.

The road is a mix of tarmac, boulders and sharp turns.  It is full of small waterfalls and orchids. It is a ride that cannot be missed for those who go to Curitiba. This makes for a fun driving experience. While driving, you can make a stop at several places and enjoy the majestic views of the city. Down to the coast of Paraná the Gracious Road is very good. As the road is narrow and quite curvy, the ride is quiet; the descent surrounded by trees makes the very smooth ride cool even when it's hot.

Estrada Da Graciosa

The Gracious Road dates back from the Empire times and has long been the only connection of Curitiba with the coast. Most of the road is stone with some paved stretches. Access for those coming from Curitiba and São Paulo is done by BR116. All the way it is very beautiful, the road is narrow and winding and so it has to be traveled at low speed. Most of the path crosses the Atlantic Forest which is very well preserved in this region. Along the way there are some places where you can buy food, rest or even bathe in the rivers crossing the path. After the descent the road forks, and may be followed to the cities of Morretes or Antonina. On the way to the corner there is the Morretes São João da Graciosa, with excellent place to bathe or make the descent of the buoy to the Nhundiaquara River. Surely the Graciosa Road is the most beautiful way to the coast of Paraná and one of the major tourist attractions in the state!


Honey Island (Ilha do Mel)

The Honey Island (Ilha do Mel) is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches of Paraná. There are calm beaches for swimming where the more it gets agitated, the more it becomes suitable for surfing. The island is quite large and has many interesting points to know. On the beaches of Charmed and Nova Brasilia are the piers for loading / unloading and is where most hotels, restaurants and markets are located. Because they are not on the island motor vehicles allowed access to the various sites is done on foot through trails. Standing close to these several beaches is an enchanting cave. It is beautiful and easily accessible by a walkway. Located close to the Nova Brasilia is the lighthouse, perched on a hill that gives a great view of the island. At the other end of the beach, at the distance of about 5 or 6 km from the lighthouse, is the old fort.

Honey Island

Here at the Honey Island, there are several places to see and good beaches to relax. The distance between certain locations is significant, so it is ideal to go and spend a long time for the island at least about 2 days. Access is very easy from the Pontal do Sul, where there is a marina and pier with the entire infrastructure, from snack bars to paid parking lots and rent- a- cars. The Dali boats leave at half-hour intervals in high season and the crossing is quick, lasting around 30 minutes. Upon boarding, you must choose the location of the landing (Charmed or Nova Brasilia).             


Museu Oscar Niemeyer (Oscar Nimeyer Museum)

Resplendent with its outstanding architecture and great exhibits, the Museu Oscar Nimeyer (Oscar Niemeyer Museum) is an obligatory stop for tourists visiting Curitiba. The museum is a source of leisure and fun and a great choice for the weekends, when the museum is mostly packed and more new artists and their individual works are introduced. You can book an afternoon to visit the museum as there is so much to see and many leisure options still left for you to explore like; the  Parcão (a  located next to the MON, where locals bring their dogs), the Pope's Woods ( which is next to the MON), MON Café, among many other attractions surrounding its quaint neighborhood.

Museu Oscar Niemeyer

In addition to Niemeyer's architecture, the museum draws attention for its great mood. And the local audience is primarily responsible for it. In addition to the regulars of museum exhibitions, the outdoor scene is composed of gardens teeming with people, walking or resting, and numerous dogs (the amount impresses) running and playing, giving an extremely pleasant ambience to the local climate. The museum has several exhibition spaces, a nice little shop, and a cafe. It is a must see attraction while in Curitiba City.


Parque Barigui

The Parque Barigui is the most popular park in Curitiba even though it is very far from the city center. It offers a pedestrian path around a lake that is very nice. It is the perfect spot to bring the dogs, an ideal place to stroll for the elderly, and for children to play with. It costs nothing and you pass the hours in a very pleasant way. There is also a little bar/pub here that gets very busy on weekends. It is a very beautiful and well maintained park. The bar with the deck that sits on the lake is a great choice for a beer and eat some snacks in the late afternoon.

Parque Barigui

It is the best Curitiba park where you can make a restful and relaxing walk. If you ask any local around here why this place is their favorite, most of them would say that their intention is not to get in great physical form, but to improve their mood, because the astral contrast between the green of the park and the huge residential buildings in the background, provide harmony and peace that is contagious. It is also an ideal place for cycling and sunbathing. You can wear casual shorts and comfortable shoes but, bring plenty of water because it is difficult to find water there.


Parque Tangua

Certainly, the Parque Tanguá is the most beautiful and different between the various parks of Curitiba. It is far from the city center, so the best option for the tourist who is not going there by car is to go with the buses that make the tourist circuit of the city. The park is quite large and its attractions start with the striking entrance portal with fountains and gazebo. Then you can go down towards a beautiful lake that was formed in a former quarry. At this point, one can see a beautiful waterfall that was formed when the park was built. Walking a little bit further takes you to a tunnel excavated in the rock and giving access to a "warehouse" of wood on the lake. In addition, there are several grassy banks or areas to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Parque Tangua

The park looks magnificent and well preserved. The view itself is a good reason to visit. In addition, the trail crossing the cave is very worthwhile and is not very tiring, plus, it is relatively quiet. Downstairs, it has a snack bar if you want to stop and rest a bit before making the turn of the trail. The lake is gorgeous, the spectacular waterfall is an experience, and the trails are a great way to tour Curitiba.


The Feira do Largo da Ordem (The Order of Largo’s Fair)

The Feira do Largo da Ordem or The Order of Largo's Fair is already very traditional and has been happening for many years in the heart of Curitiba. It is worth knowing, but the ideal time is to go early because it easily gets filled with people and so it becomes tiring from the mid-morning all the way to the afternoon. It is a place to see crafts, antiques, clothes, pictures, eat the food stalls, buy books or old magazines, collecting items and so on, There is a wide variety of things for sale. Also it usually has an exhibition of old cars. This fair is a must see and exploring its features is one of the best things to do In Curitiba.

The Fiera do Largo da Ordem

The Fair is a great tour on Sundays. Put clothes and comfortable shoes and explore its every corner. There are several types of craft stalls where you can buy beautiful things for the home, clothes and make a good snack. The parking lots around charge in the range of R $ 15 but it is worth the time, do not leave your car on the street around the fair. Go early to enjoy!


Bairro de Santa Felicidade

The Bairro de Santa Felicidade Santa Felicidade is a neighborhood in the northwest of the Brazilian city of Curitiba, capital of the state of Parana. The neighborhood is an ancient way of herdsmen Paulistas who went south. In its historical formation, it has received a large number of settlers from northern Italy, in particular the regions of Veneto and Trento. It is currently an important gastronomic stronghold, with a lot of Italian restaurants, as well as many wineries and craft shops. The three main streets are Avenida Manoel Ribas, Director Toaldo Tulio and Via Veneto, in which, respectively is where you can find the traditional restaurants and the bus terminal and the road to citizenship district.

Bairro de Santa Felicidade

Santa Felicidade is located in the largest restaurant in Latin America, the restaurant Madalosso. It also plays host to amateur football teams namely; Trieste, Iguaçu and Flamengo. Slightly detached from Curitiba city, Santa Felicidade is the bairro colonized by Italian immigrants that were mainly Venetians and partly Sicilian. This neighborhood attracts visitors to the city and the wide possibilities to enjoy eating and drinking, though still in the Italian traditions.


HSBC Palacio Center (Avenida Palace)

During the course of the year, the Avenida Palace or the HSBC Palacio Center is just a beautiful old building in downtown Curitiba. But at Christmas time, when it promote the nightly shows with children corals and a beautiful lighting, the space is magically transformed. It is a must to watch these beautiful Christmas shows while in Curitiba. The Avenida Palace is the main attraction of Curitiba during the Christmas season. The choir consists of children, which appears several times a week (not every day), and before nighttime, the building facade lighting is a lovely spectacle that amuses every passerby and commuters.

The Christmas performances at the Avenida Palace is an interesting and thrilling celebration, even if you go every year, as every year they have a theme and a different master of ceremonies. It is impossible not to be charmed. Arrive early to get a good seat and stay away from the traffic areas. Preferably go in the first weeks, since the latter weeks are terribly crowded.

HSBC Palacio Center

Curitiba is one of the best cities in Brazil. It is clean, wooded, dotted with great restaurants, theaters, museums. delicious and varied gastronomy, as in several Brazilian states. great shopping malls, in short, an exciting city to discover. For those who admire art, Curitiba has several museums, and for lovers of nature it is one of the most ideal travel destinations in Brazil. 

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