Things To Do In Sao Paulo

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An expected 20 million individuals live in São Paulo, making it the third-biggest city in the world. There are numerous sights to see in the prominent “Land of the Drizzle” like; top notch museums, cultural attractions, and themed (food from all over the world) fine dining restaurants, classical theaters and movie houses. The city of Sampa (another name for Sao Paulo) has fabulous clubs and bars that are among the best in South America.

It’s hip, pulsating, and lively nightlife matches that of New York and London and really stands at par with the famous cities because of its wealth of attractions and activities to pursue.  Sao Paulo is a fun and ideal city where you can find one of the world's extraordinary urban communities. Feel the rhythm of the city that is precisely characterized as one of the five most populous cities in the world.

When To Go:

Things To Do in Sao Paulo

Most of the time Sao Paulo’s atmosphere is fine and dry but not excessively hot. The winter season which starts from June to August, keeps the Paulistas bundled up in sweaters and winter coats as the temperature extends from 55 to 75 degrees F (12 to 23c). The Spring season of September until November is mostly sunny. In the mid year, the atmosphere levels up to extreme hotness with random rain showers in the afternoon (because of the tropical atmosphere). Temperatures have a tendency to extend from a low of 68 to 85 degrees (20 to 29c). The rising humidity makes the day feel much more sweltering, and most Brazilians come outside to beat the high temperature or getaway to the nearest beaches. The fall season occurs from March to June and around these months is when there are more rains and drizzly temperatures.

Thus, individuals say the best time to visit Sao Paulo is summer or spring from September through March. In any case, for those explorers used to a substantially more sub zero atmosphere, at whatever time of the year will do.

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It may be a city of contrasts, but it is truly worth knowing. These are the top attractions to visit and things to do when in the city of Sao Paulo.


The Julio Prestes Cultural Center - Sala Sao Paulo

Sala Sao Paulo

The Julio Prestes Cultural Center or the Sala São Paulo is the most impressive concert hall of the city. It is a former train station hall that was converted to a copy of the Great Musikverein Hall in Vienna. The hall is equipped with great acoustics and a modern, height-adjustable ceiling.  Be there and try to attend a concert in the Sala especially if the OSESP (Symphony Orchestra of São Paulo) their concert is one of the most attended event in this center. Another pleasing detail about the Sala; once a month there is a top concert at zero cost for the benefit of its needy population. You can combine a visit by checking out other attractions within its vicinity like; Pinacoteca, Museu da Arte Sacra (Sacred Art Museum), and the Parque da Luz.

Sala Sao Paulo

Don’t miss the Sunday morning concerts at 11am. To reach this cultural center, there is a metro station, which drops you off a few meters from this site. Entrance tickets cost at around $2 and it is worth the time and money. After the morning concert you can dine and enjoy cheap meals at the row of restaurants facing the Pinacoteca.   


Ibirapuera Park

The Ibirapuera Park is a must when in Sao Paulo. It is a daunting park in the middle of the town that is well maintained, with people playing sports and visiting its cultural facilities, and also where you can see some great works of Oscar Niemeyer. You can rent bikes, skateboards, and eat something in the park, take a long walk and see the  beautiful Paulistas and after much effort, grab a sip of fresh coconut water. The combination of the lake, the park and a botanical garden is a relaxing break from the noise and chaos of the city. 

Ibirapuera Park

The park is an outlet metropolis of São Paulo. On the territory you can find two ponds with fountains, two free museum - Afro-Brazilian and Museum of Modern Art. From the pond you can admire a beautiful panorama of Sao Paulo’s skyline - high-rise, all glass, and solid concrete. It is a good green space surrounded by the concrete jungle. It's safe, ideal for a summer stroll or spring. You cannot access it by subway or bus because you can walk for about20 or 30 minutes from any point in the Avenue of Paulista.


Paulista Avenue

The Paulista Avenue is one of the famous landmarks of Sao Paulo that is filled with large buildings, shopping centers, museums, botanical parks, occasional cultural hotspot, and its own brand of charm. It is impossible not to tour the Paulista Avenue. The atmosphere that prevails is that of hurrying employees and office workers. It is more advisable to tour it during the weekdays, when all the big companies are in full swing. You can enjoy good shopping deals at the malls, although some of them may be concealed in a large hotel or office building so the shopping poster signs may not be as visible.

Paulista Avenue

There are places to eat and some are cheaper specially the ones situated within the galleries. You can check out the MASP (Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo) to enjoy the museum and experience a slight change from the work environment that characterizes this popular avenue. The architectural level of the buildings is interesting, but not extraordinary. Near the MASP, about a block or two there is a tourist information center. And outside the museum you can enjoy a relaxing break in the Trianon Park, it is small but offers a nice way to spend the rest of the day when in Sao Paulo City.


Museu De Arte De Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand

Every Tuesday, entrance is free at the Museu De Arte De Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand. The permanent exhibit is on the second floor and it highlights some of the works of great European artists like; Van Gogh, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, Goya,  Monet, Renoir, Rodin, Matisse, and Dürer. The first floor holds the temporary exhibition and shows interesting art pieces of the contemporary painters from South America. The museum houses an extensive collection of works that are all excellent.

Museu De Arte De Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand

There is a book shop or a small bar and even an audio guide where all art works have explanations both in Portuguese and in English. Much of the collection focuses on the theme of the portraits that ranges from the years 400 to 900. It is divided between formal portraits, self-portraits, "snapshots" of the group and some about intimate art. Do not miss a visit, because it is easy to reach and within walking distance from the central Avenida Paulista, right next to the subway.


Pinacoteca Do Estado De Sao Paulo

Many people may have negative information about the Pinacoteca Do Estado De Sao Paulo. However, a  visit to the home of the Art Gallery and a view of his collection can be a pleasant surprise. The building is very beautiful, and all artworks are neatly restored and maintained. The well-organized art exhibitions are the result of good management of the site. In each room there is no information on the exhibited works in other languages. The site also offers a great bar, overlooking the Parque da Luz. It is also a very nice place for a good cup of coffee, a snack or a light lunch.

Pinacoteca Do Estado De Sao Paulo

If you still have time, you can also visit the Museu da Língua Portuguesa, Estação Pinacoteca, the Museum of Sacred Art and the Parque da Luz. All of these attractions are located within the vicinity of the Art Gallery.

The set up of the gallery is more or less thematic, unconventional but effective (and without detracting from the visibility of the pieces). Remarkable (and commendable) is the careful and brilliant recovery of an architectural structure of the late nineteenth century. In addition, they have super friendly staff, impeccable maintenance, and the exhibitions are always interesting. It is a wonderful oasis of old world charm and tranquility in a hectic and bustling city like Sao Paulo.


Catavento Cultural e Educacional

The Catavento Cultural e Educacional is a museum with lots of things to touch and try, especially for children of all ages from elementary school.  It is definitely  recommended for a nice Sunday afternoon excursion especially for couples with children.  Mainly there are scientific objects e.g., in astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, which have been prepared child-friendly and very interesting for adults and truly informative.  

Catavento Cultural e Educaional

You can touch a real meteorite, learn about the human body and much more. Plus, there is also a makeshift TV studio where kids can join in and try everything. The tour is a great program to help the young ones understand the rich cultural history of Brazil.  You can also devote a little time to learn some basic Brazilian language and customs from this educational gem of the city. Housed in a beautiful old brick building, this cultural center is actually the former town hall of the city of São Paulo. It also has a beautiful park.


Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Sao Paulo

The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Sao Paulo is a former bank that is converted into an art museum. Take a walk through the center of Sao Paulo and you will eventually get past this old historic building on the corner. For passionate lovers of the art it is worth a look inside. The building is architecturally very nice and succeeds in giving an idea of how beautiful was the center in its heyday.

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Sao Paulo

The exhibitions are usually free to attend, and it is particularly interesting when the pieces  are offered from the former vault. Inside, you can then look at the art, which is guarded by iron vault doors. A small coffee invites you to linger and another good reason to stay at the museum shop. There are scheduled monthly events of interest to everyone, some without cost and others offered at affordable prices.


Theatro Municipal De Sao Paulo

The Theatro Municipal De Sao Paulo is  one of the main architectural attractions of the city that is located in Raon downtown and within walking distance of Republic Square and near the government quarter. If you cannot watch a show you can avail of the free tour of the theater which was built since 1898. The cafeteria is open even at lunch time. It is well worth the visit to peek a little closer at the inside of the theater.

Theatro Municipal De Sap Paulo

Depending on the show, the tickets are most oftentimes quite costly. This is the reason why some tourists go here not just to enter the theater, but to enjoy the atmosphere of one of the nicest buildings of the city.  It is like being inside a fairy tale castle where you feel like going back in time and everything looks grandiose and majestic. The theater is a century-old work of Brazilian architect Francisco Ramos de Azevedo, located in the city center and from the outside already displays an impressive architecture and the beautiful restoration work to preserve the structure.


Monastery of San Benedetto (Mosteiro De Sao Bento)

The Monastery of San Benedetto (Mosteiro De Sao Bento) stands in the city center and forms a huge complex that consists of the Basilica of the Abbey of Our Lady of the Assumption and the College of St. Benedict. The chapel looks great in all points and this impression is undoubtedly accentuated when moving from the noise of the square to the silence  you can find once you get inside  the church. The area is not only beautiful, but certainly interesting and definitely deserves much more than a quick visit.

Monastery of San Benedetto

The surrounding area, is quite busy but you can walk quietly and admire (the former) financial heart of the city and see all the old historical buildings of various banks. The area also a few restaurants that offer a good cup of Brazilian brewed coffee and a taste of their local cuisine. One of the best things to do in this attraction is to pray in the beautiful Basilica of the Monastery, buy and eat the delicious cookies and breads sold in the attached shop, and love the architectural details of one of the most important and religious buildings of São Paulo.


Football Museum

Football Museum

The Football Museum is a spectacular site not only for football lovers but also for those interested in the history of Brazil, historical references, and its growing pop culture. The museum is very creative, interactive, and well thought out. It holds the history of Brazil’s well-loved sport, the history of World Cups, photographic records, football player’s biographies, a tour of the Pacaembu stadium, and pictures of the momentous goal kick performed by famous celebrities in Sao Paulo.

Football Museum

It provides great fun for kids, and an educational and enlightening information for adults. The flawless collection makes use of modern technology to excite and make every guest travel in time. The Football Museum is a must see program and a good ride for a Saturday afternoon. It can be easily accessed from the clinics metro station (green line), taxi and bus.


Pedra Grande

The Pedra Grande is a great landscape for families and sports minded people who like to enjoy a smooth paragliding in the skies of Sao Paulo. At the big stone area, there are qualified pilots with complete equipments for tandem flights. Access is by car and is roughly 30 minutes from the town of Atibaia, but for those who like to walk can take a hike on the trail which takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes depending on the physical preparation of the person. It's hard to believe that there is a place like this in the middle of Sao Paulo.

Pedra Grande

The walk is a bit challenging, but the panoramic views and the extreme sport experience is all worth it. The park is well maintained and you need to pay a nominal entrance fee, there are marked trails, park rangers to secure the place and the view options from the stone is very beautiful that it is almost touching the clouds.  


Botanical Garden Of Sao Paulo

This place is much sought after by schools for field trips and educational excursions because the structure is very good and has a very  rich flora and fauna. The conservation is well maintained with a great variety of exotic plants. The garden has a good restaurant that is also worth a visit aside from admiring its lush landscape with an impressive collection of ornamental plants, flowers, and old trees. Be sure to visit the orchid collections, bamboo groves, and lakes.

Botanical Garden of Sao Paulo

This paradise offers a great place for meditation, nature/ landscape photography, and walking. Take the kids and visit the adjacent mini zoo on a sunny day. Whenever you feel like listening to the wonderful sounds of nature, do a little soul searching, see a row of colorful flowers and butterflies, in the serene Botanical Garden of Sao Paulo, all of these can be successfully achieved. 

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