Memorable Visit To British Virgin Islands

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Travel to British Virgin Islands 

The Virgin Islands is indeed a wonderful place to visit! It has 60 islands and located at the north-eastern Caribbean Sea. This country has rich natural resources that are wonderful to explore. Aside from the white beaches and warm environment, this is known as the sailing capital of the Sea of Caribbean. It is surrounded by tropical reefs and crystal clear seas. The people have rich culture and strong history. There are several places to visit that reflect the festivals, arts and music.

Having a vacation in the British Virgin Islands is a must! Not only you can spend US dollars here, the people also speak English so you don’t have to worry about the conversations.

Last January I visited the Virgin Islands and had a great time.

Travel to British Virgin Islands

The beaches:

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In my first week, I went to Tortola, the capital island of British Virgin Islands. With its white-sand beaches, there are several outdoor activities that you can do! You can explore ancient ruins, try delicious cuisines, and sail the ocean. In the Marina, the Aristocrat Charters offer day sailing. I haven’t tried sailing so I went. Their boats are beautiful and fully qualified to sail. They have very accommodating crew who are willing to help in any way. We left at 9:30 am and returned at 5:00pm. There are sunbathing areas in the boat and also a shade somewhere in the cockpit area.

I also tried snorkeling at the sea while in the trip. There are several stops and I swam when I have time. Washroom and shower areas are available and very clean. They also provide the snorkel equipment such as sea kayaks and various flotation devices. The sailing includes buffet lunch with different kinds of salads, hot dogs, crusty bread, fresh fruits and cold cuts. They also provide unlimited drinks of your choice! I prefer sodas but they also have iced water, beers and rum punch.

Travel to British Virgin Islands

After the day sailing, I went to Bananakeet café. Enjoying the sunset at Tortola is very relaxing. In Bananakeet café, I sipped cocktails by the poolside and enjoyed the view. It was the best! They offer dinner at 5:30 to 9:30pm and have a Happy Hour at 4-6pm daily. They have $1 off all cocktails with complimentary “shot at sunset”. It was a wonderful café where you can relax after a tiring day of travelling.

I spent most of the time in the beach. The beauty of white-sand beaches is simply irresistible. I also tried diving and saw the beautiful creatures in the sea. I also tried wind surfing at the sea and kite boarding. It was a great experience!

There are many restaurants along the beach that offers Caribbean cuisine. The taste of these foods is extremely savory and unforgettable.

In Virgin Goda, there is a Glass bottom boat tours that lets us get close with the underwater creatures without getting wet. We were on cruise on the coastline of the Ginger Island and saw different types of fish, turtles, corals and reefs. I wanted to try the Full Moon trips but unfortunately, I cannot. However, when I come back next year, I will definitely try the night snorkeling under the full moon.

Travel to British Virgin IslandsIn Anegada, I had the chance to do Fly-fishing. It required effort to actually catch a fish. I caught two fishes in my half-day trip! It was an adventure for me because I never tried fishing until that day. We released the fishes after we caught them.

I was also given the opportunity to kiss a dolphin and swim with them. It was a fun experience. I was pushed and towed by the dolphins and played with them while in the water. They’re not strict with cameras so I had some pictures with the dolphins.

Overall, you can basically do everything in the Islands, especially on the seaside. As long as you are willing to spend and experience what I’ve experienced, then I guarantee you, it’s worth it! Especially if you’re up for a different kind of adventure and you’re very much into experiencing a different world of underwater realm, then you can never go wrong with the 60 islands of British Virgin Islands!

Natural parks:

            After my adventurous first week in the Island, I decided to spend my second week in natural parks. My first stop was J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens. It was located in the center of Road Town. There are several lushes of exotic topical plants. There’s even a miniature rain forests and waterfall inside the park. It was nice to spend a walk around indigenous plants. There is a pond where you can see lilies and tortoises. There’s a gazebo where you can relax or read a book if you want to.

Travel to British Virgin Islands

My next stop was Mount Healthy. The thickly walled stone windmill is a great view. It’s a piece of that place’s history and was there since the 18th century. The ruins of the once sugar plantation only show that the British Virgin Islands is rich in history.

The Sage Mountain National Park has breath-taking view. They said that it is the highest peak of the BVI and I saw some islands when I was there. The main entrance to the park is quite near the car park. There are guides who can direct you to the direction in the park. Once I was on the mountain, it’s definitely worth the energy because of the beautiful view of the ocean and the islands.

In the Shark Bay, there are several kinds of seabirds around. There are Laughing Gullas (Larus atricilla), Brown Boobies (Sulaleucogaster), Reseate Terns (sterna dougallii), Brown Pelicans (Pelicanus occidentalis) and the Magnificent Frigate Bird (Fregata Magnificens). In my visit at the Shark Bay, I also saw The Bat Cave; it’s a huge cavernous boulder where the bats nested in the past. You can literally see the Atlantic at the bay. It was magnificent, though I didn’t see any bats at all. But the birds were wonderful!

Culture and History

            As I go around, there are several places that caught my eye. There are different places with so much history in it. For example, there are old buildings like in the Fort Burt where the view is above 20ft sea level; the Britannic Hall built in 1910; the Call wood Rum Distillery where you can buy a sample of the rum; the 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works built in 1940s now housing a Museum; Her Majesty’s Prison which is the oldest building and many other more. The history is very rich and reflects its importance to the people.

I did have a great time wandering around the British Virgin Islands. It was a memorable experience and I’m sure I will return. But just a very quick though, especially for those first timers and are planning to have a remarkable trip and wants to experience lots of adventures, I strongly suggest not to take advantage of the travel agencies who will help you planning with your trip – this will just limit you and or of your family’s itinerary particularly on the places to go to, in having a-so-called-adventure-trip to the British Virgin Islands.

Remember the fun starts where you discover them yourselves! It’s going to be a lot a lot better, more fun and more exciting to have it that way! So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to experience The British Islands for yourselves, or you’ll just listen to the stories of your friends?

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