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Country: Burma City: Mandalay
No.1/F, 30th Street, Between 70th & 71th Street, chan aye thar Zan township, Mandalay 12211 Burma
Type: Hotel
Cheapest Room: 37 US$ (US Dollar, United States)
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Find cheap hotels in Mandalay On Our Travel ForumWith so many things to do in Mandalay, it's important to choose a good Hotel.
Find Cheap Hotels Golden City Crown Hotel
Offered free Wi-Fi in all areas, Golden City Crown Hotel is located in Mandalay. It offers a 24-hr front desk service and free parking. It takes 45 minute drive to Mandalay International Airport.
This is a great Hotel to find review, you can also find cheap hotels in Mandalay and a lot of Hotels reviews and rating here
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