Essential Tips For First Travel To Myanmar

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For those, who love to visit Burma, this is a good time. Since the country is opening, there are more places available to visit, more services and hotels to come and that makes the travel much easier than before.
To make your travel in the smooth way, please read our practical information for a wonderful Myanmar Tour as follow:

1. Obtaining Myanmar Visa
Many Visitors think that it is not necessary to apply Myanmar Visa since the neighboring country is very open, for example you may not need visa to Thailand or can do it on arrival in Cambodia. Things are different in Myanmar.
In this country, visa is a must. Try to get it as soon as possible to make sure you will have visa in advance.

2. Money Problem
Still in Myanmar, service providers prefer to have fresh cash, however, there are ATM now in Myanmar in most of major tourist sites. You can use credit card, visa card or master card to pay for most of the things in Myanmar.
If your tour costs alot of money, you can transfer by bank from your country to Myanmar too. Westernunion also offers services here.

3. Do you need a package tour ?
I advised to you take the package tour if you have from Oct to April because this time is the most crowded time in Myanmar. Since the hotels are limited, tour operators are better than us in finding good rooms.
For backpacking, take a little time to read all the information about the country and contact guest houses at least 1 week in advance.

4. Visiting sites ?
Besides the famous destinations of Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake; Myanmar hosts a big number of site that astonish every travel: Putao, Mrauk U, Maymyo.
For those who love cruising, Irrawaddy and Chindwin are the best.
For diving adventure, head to the south and immerse in Mergui Archipelago

5. Unique experience
Balloon Over Bagan, Circle Train, Seat in Coach sightseeing are the things you can easily have but very worth.
Festivals in Myanmar are plentiful and very enjoyable too.

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6. Recommended Tour Operators
You will find many good names on Tripadvisor and other travel forums such as Myanmar Tours Asia, Onestop Travel, Myanmar Shalom.., you will have chances to find different tour operators to book for your trip.

7. Connect to other countries ?
From Myanmar, you can cross the borders to visit Thailand, Laos and China.
Direct flights are also available from Myanmar to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia for your connecting country travel

8. Holiday Duration ?
For family, a perfect 2 weeks time experiencing the highlights of the country could be the best.
For honeymooners, you can enjoy island hoping or Ngapali beach for 1 week or more. There is no limitation of the time for this provided you enjoy the tranquility of the area.
For adventurers who love to learn about local life with unique traditions, take a longer trip about 15 to 20 days to venture the mountains and do some trekking.
For first timer, 8 to 10 days tour covering the major big 4 attractions of Myanmar simply fits.

9. Price guides
Myanmar is currently an expensive destination, even for backpacker. The guest houses varies from 20 to 40usd / night while 3 star hotel standard may cost up to 150usd / night in high tourism season.
We advise you to prepare at least 70usd/ day budget for low cost travel and from 150 to 200usd/ day for a superior type of travel related to good services.

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