Holidays In The Beautiful Mergui Islands

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During our long vacation in the university, I and my friend Collins decided that we should have a retreat. We took time to choose the best place to go, finally we came into an agreement. A place we were to visit was Mergui IslandsMyanmar. This place is not new to me, I had been in that place two years before where I had gone to the place to visit my aunt. This time it was not going to be the same, we were going for a trip, I and my girlfriend Immaculate together with Collins and his girlfriend. When I informed Immaculate this she was so glad. We started planning for our trip as soon as possible to travel to Thailand, we booked our flights. We also contacted Tour Company, so as when we reach Thailand they will take us to the islands. When we were ready we took off to Thailand, and the experience in the islands was very good that I will find hard not to share with you. Here is our story.

 Holidays in the beautiful Mergui Islands

Myanmar has many attraction sites including Mergui islands. It is ranked 93 in Myanmar. The place has world class diving. This was a place we were travelling to, we arrived in Thailand where we were given an agent to take us through to Burma. Mergui is the best place for people who go for a holiday, and surely we fell in this category. Activities present in this place are like snorkelling, jungle trekking in tropical rainforest, sport fishing, bird and wildlife watching. Before we reached the place we had travelled a lot. We arrived there very exhausted and we ought not to do anything to anything than go into a hotel to have a rest before the real day of adventure came. The hotel we went was Myanmar Andaman Resort. The hotel is well equipped, it is a very silent hotel, what you can only hear are birds singing and the waves of the turquoise sea.

 Holidays in the beautiful Mergui Islands

The next day we went to the beach for swimming, we enjoyed swimming so much. Collins was good at swimming, I was average but my girlfriend Immaculate did not know how to swim. We had a rough time teaching her but at last she was able to swim. At the beach there was also sport fishing. We found this very interesting and we found ourselves playing the game. The sea waters in the place have many dolphins. I had never seen dolphins but that was the day to exhaust my anxiety. We also went into boat racing, this game is very enjoyable. I love riding boats so much and this was my day.

 Holidays in the beautiful Mergui Islands

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Mergui islands may seem an isolated place, it is very natural and most of its resources have not been exploited. There is a tropical rainforest where one can stride and look at different types of trees. We went to this small forest after having a lot of fun diving in sea waters we had to stride in the upcountry of the island. We saw different types of indigenous tress we have never seen, indeed they were very beautiful. The forest also has wildlife, different animals and birds. The sky was filled with birds, making the place very natural. There are different types of wildlife in Mergui, both human friendly while others are hazardous. We were told to make sure we were safe to avoid accidents, since other animals could have armed us. We had an agent to help us with that, so there was no worry. After trekking in the tropical rainforest and taking a lot of snaps our day one for our trip came into an end. We had to return to Myanmar Andaman Resort which was going to be our place of comfort for the coming three days.

 Holidays in the beautiful Mergui Islands

We were served with a nice dinner. We were really enjoying the place, it was full of excitement. My friend and his girlfriend were high that night, we took traditional wine which was don’t miss stuff. We were also well served with the food. I still remember the dinner we had that night was the best in Mergui. After finishing our dinner, we went for a bid of entertainers. There was lots of traditional music playing. The dance of the people of Mergui is also interesting. We tried to teach ourselves, it was somehow hard but at last we got into it. After a long night of partying with the locals, we went into our respective rooms. We slept and wait for the next day adventures.

 Holidays in the beautiful Mergui Islands

We woke up the following day very early in the morning. We took a boat ride to of about three hours to St. Luke snorkel and dive site. The boat ride was fun, and we could see the beauty of Mergui waters. The weather was very good, it made us very delighted. Immaculate tried to ride us in the boat, at least she tried her best, and she knew it. We could see pristine above and under water. The place was very clean and clear with numerous white sand beaches with fresh water streams. We continued with swimming like the previous day, but for that day it was more fantastic. We lied and played with sand beaches. Everyone in our team liked the sandy beaches and we could lie on it and wash ourselves with it. We paused for some pictures, the pictures are indeed very memorable. When I look at them now, it reminds me of the moments I can’t forget. After a long adventure in the waters of St. Luke Snorkel, we returned to Mergui islands. We could see the islands at a far place, it is indeed a very beautiful one.

 Holidays in the beautiful Mergui Islands

It was night time and we were sharing the experience of the day. Everyone in the group had something to share amongst ourselves. We went to bed early and wait for the next day to visit rocky sites of Mergui islands and its caves.

As it had become a routine, we had a plan for the day. The agent took us through the islands to a place where it’s rocky. The place also has many caves. The caves are very old. We got into some caves, where inside was very dark. We thought we were risking our lives but the agent told us that those caves were safe and had nothing dangerous to risk our lives. We took snaps of the place and posed for pictures too. The place was natural and fresh. This was the last place of our visit in Mergui, and therefore we had to exploit it to our best.

 Holidays in the beautiful Mergui Islands

The day came into an end and we went to our usual restaurant. We spend the night at the place. The next day was the day we were to catch a flight back home.

We woke up very early in the morning, we boarded a taxi which took us to Thailand so as to catch a flight in that place. Finally we took off and came back home, we had a nice experience in Mergui islands and it is still well written in our memories.

 Holidays in the beautiful Mergui Islands

Mergui islands is the place to be for anyone who wants to enjoy his holiday. I and my friends have never forgotten the moments in Mergui. We had a story to tell our comrades when we opened for the next semester. Immaculate, my girlfriend keeps on reminding me of that place. I have promised her if we get married, we will go to Mergui for our honeymoon. She is very glad and eagerly waiting for that day. I can advise anyone who wish to enjoy himself during a holiday to pay a visit to Mergui islands. The place is wonderful and exciting to be. Collins and I made the right choice in choosing Mergui islands as our place of retreat during our long holiday in the university.


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