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When asked where I would like to go on holiday, my answer has always been an exotic island such as Seychelles, Hawaii and other similar places. Before last holiday in cambodiasummer, I had never thought of taking a holiday in Cambodia. I had actually never thought of taking a holiday in the East. When I thought of holidays, I always thought of Europe or Africa. I had never thought of Cambodia as an area that I would have a great holiday in.

Cambodia holidayWhat changed my mind? A friend of mine visited Cambodia on a holiday with her boyfriend. When she told me that they were taking a trip to the country, I thought that they were joking. I half expected horror stories when they returned. However, the pictures said something different. Their holiday in Cambodia looked and sounded like the stuff movies in paradise were made of. I decided I would take a holiday in the country as well and finally did so a year later.

I had been married for a year and we were planning a holiday just the two of us. My husband enjoys visiting new places. It was therefore not difficult to convince him to plan for a holiday in Cambodia. We had to take our holidays in November as it was the only time we could both get some time off from work. Luckily enough, the weather in Cambodia is just about perfect at this time of year. We therefore had nothing to worry about on that front. The weather is cool and dry. We would therefore not have to worry about adjusting to the sweltering heat that the country is known for.

Our flight had a brief stopover in Singapore. We had booked a flight that would take us to a town outside the capital city of Cambodia. This was part of our strategic plan to save money. Every young couple should take note of this. We ended up in a sleepy town known as Siem Reap. According to the information we had gathered about Cambodia, this was supposed to be one of the biggest towns in the country. Our plane landed in the afternoon. We therefore expected large crowds as we weaved through the town in a taxi. We were instead greeted by a few crowds of people. There was no sign of the rush that we were used to in our own home city.

We chose to stay at the Meridian Angkor Hotel and had already booked a room for our holiday in Cambodia. The first thing that hit me when we arrived at the hotel was the strong scent of lemongrass. The hotel is surrounded by some of the most beautiful water gardens I have ever seen. We were welcomed by tall palm trees and grass waving in the strong cool breeze. It was all I could do to hold back the excitement.

holiday in cambodiaWe spent most of our time in Cambodia exploring the beaches and historical sites. Our main means of travel was by tuktuk taxi. The Angkor Wat temples in the area hold a lot of the history of Cambodia. We were lucky to have knowledgeable guides every time we visited a temple in Angkor Wat. I had little knowledge of the history of Cambodia. It was therefore an eye opener for me.

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We would travel to the temples in the morning when it was coolest and return to the hotel in the afternoon when it was quite hot. Although November is a cool month in the area, it was still quite hot for us. We were therefore sweating, tired, and hot by the time we boarded the tuktuk back to the hotel. It was always a relief to be greeted by the scent of lemongrass and a refreshing cup of coffee.

One of the best things about having a holiday in Cambodia is the eastern spa treatment that is available in the different towns. Siem Reap is famous for its spa facilities. There was no way we were leaving this scenic town without a massage. We therefore made it a point to explore the spas over the few days we were in the town.

The massages were amazing. There was every kind of massage you could think of from foot to facial. We even came across a spa that trained blind people on how to massage.

Our last full day in Siem Reap was spent shopping. We visited the local market and purchased woodcarvings and some traditional print cloths. We also had a tuktuk ride out to a Vietnamese floating village before returning to our hotel.

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"We had booked a flight that would take us to a town outside the capital city of Cambodia. This was part of our strategic plan to save money. Every young couple should take note of this."

Thanks for sharing your expirence, but if you had avoided the capital city of Cambodia to save a money, why did you stay in Hotel with room rates around 300 usd per night?

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Hi Joan,

You know life is always a compromise, you save in one thing in order to invest your money in another thing.

In our case we really liked to have a nice hotel that night so we decided to save money by staying out of Cambodia another night.


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