Top Tourist Centers In Cambodia

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Has anyone ever thought of planning for vacations in Cambodia? Cambodia has a lot of things to offer to its tourists. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a beautiful culture and country when they visit. Two or three days will not be enough for one to explore the beautiful places in this beautiful country. One has to visit the place for more than one week. The place has nice beaches and towns where one can visit to make his Cambodia Vacations a success.



Cambodia is a successor state to the Khmer empire which ruled Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos during the Angkorian period. The remains of the empire are found at the temples of Angkor and in South East Asia. The visitors first glance at Angkor and the ultimate appearance of Khmer genius.

The first place to visit should be the famous Angkor wat, a city in Cambodia located near the Siem Reap. One will have a great time exploring these historically rich sites. Whatever one prefers doing in relation to dining, art oriented, culture oriented, or romance, this is the right place to visit.

Siem Reap Town

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siem reap town

Siem Reap town located in the North western part of the country is a place for all who love mountains and shopping. It also has the rural experience and good for those who are tired with the monotonous urban sprawl. The place has good natural features that fill it with tranquility.

Phnom Penn

Phnom Penn

A visit to Cambodia will not be enjoyable without visiting Phnom Penn. This is a centre of economic vitality, political conspiracy, and intellectual disputes. This is a place for the political enthusiasts.

Torture Museum

Torture Museum

 One will also visit genocide or torture museum, visit the palace along Mekong and drive along to Khmer art in the National Museum.  The site has been a wonderful place for tourists. There is a beautiful river side location, for those who love wining and dining this is the right place to visit. The place uplifts culture.

Cambodia has a beautiful countryside. A  visit to Cambodia will enable one experience the tranquility of rural life and timeless landscape of swaying sugar palms and dazzling rice paddies. The serenity in this place is wonderful as one will be able to unwind and enjoy the cool experience. It is a good feeling that one should not miss during his visit to Cambodia.

Cardamom Mountain

Cardamom Mountain

There are numerous tropical islands and beaches at the South Coast that one can visit during Vacations in Cambodia. Is there anyone who likes wildlife? Cardamom Mountain is a tropical wilderness and a home to wildlife. It is also a gateway to the emerging ecotourism explorations.

 For sea lovers, one should visit Mekong River where one will see the freshwater dolphins. The north east is a fantastic region of its own. This is because of the mountainous landscapes and plenty of natural sites.

The treasure of vacations in Cambodia is the residents. They are the centre of attraction to many tourists who travel from all over the world to see them. The place has gained his popularity in relation to their political history for the past years.



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