Travel To Phnom Penh

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My sister and I recently traveled to the least known city of Phnom Penh for my holidays. Of the many holiday destinations that we have been to, this one surpassed my expectations. This is because it accommodates budget travelers as well as those who love lavish lifestyles. I am always keen on budgeting thus despite having enough money to spend on this vacation, we opted for a budget hotel because the service was immaculate. Most importantly, we had a perfect opportunity to explore the hidden treasure of this city that is manifest in the palaces, temples as well as remnants of the French colonial history.

Travel to Phnom Penh

We visited as many places as time could allow and when our holidays in Phnom Penh came to an end we had many good memories to take back. Our first stop was the National Museum that is very beautiful having been made out of sandstone. Although our initial plan did not include going inside this museum, the entrance fee was near negligible so we paid and went in. One thing that did not escape our attention inside this museum are old statues as well as other things that are recovered from various temples. The museum also has awesome court gardens but the sad thing is that photos are not allowed. However, we had the opportunity o feed some fish inside the pools. Overall, the layout of the building as well as the artifacts makes this experience worth the visit.

Travel to Phonm Penh

The Royal Palace is another great place in Phnom Penh that I will recommend to you. The palace is the home of the king and has Silver Pagoda with a tiled floor comprising close to 5329 tiles. The irony is that this affluence is not reflected on the outside that is dotted with so much poverty. The only downside of this is that the place has so many tourists that you can hardly get good pictures. To access this museum you will need to pay an admission fee of $6.50 that is inclusive of Silver Pagoda. This museum is definitely worth seeing.

If you are not into museums, you can consider going to central market that is one of the busiest flea markets that I have ever visited. Although we were only here for an hour, we had enough because no matter how much time you choose to spend here the market has so much on sale ranging from electronics to clothing among other items that it could easily pass for a derailment factor. One useful piece of advice that you need to take into consideration when you go to this market is ensure you confirm your products as well as the change lest you get short changed. In addition, you also need some negotiation skills to avoid paying more. Otherwise, the market has great architecture and is worth a visit.

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Travel to Phnom Penh

Although I do not usually fancy zoo visits, we went to the Phnom Tamao zoo because my sister loves to and we had a pre-travel pact to support each other. Amazingly, we both had a great time having hired a tuk tuk to take us there. We were lucky to be shown around by a wonderful guide who was not only knowledgeable but also funny. I was thrilled to tap some of the animals under her guidance. The climax of this tout of the zoo is the elephant show. This zoo is a refuge for those animals that are threatened by poachers.

Wat Phnom is another great place that we visited even though you cannot fail to notice the huge number of beggars at this religious site. We could not fail to notice the presence of numerous monkeys that fearlessly enjoy their environment. An admission fee of $1 is charged thus it is a must see. Even then, you must be prepared to trek since it is located up a green and lush hill. Once you get there, the interior is gorgeous and beautiful so do not forget to bring your camera as they are allowed inside.

Travel to Phnom Penh

Sisowath Quay is also great place to spend time while on holiday in Phnom Penh. In fact, I would advise that you book your hotel around this area because it is great to walk around the river both day and night. It was even more exciting to go on a sunset cruise for $5 and later on watch the fireworks for the king’s funeral. The restaurants around also provide a pleasant view. This area also offers the best nightlife experience in this city. In addition, you can be sure to have the real taste of local life here. Chroy Changvar Bridge is another great place to watch river life and pass time in total relaxation. We stood here for hours watching the fishing boats go by, the boat race and also listening to stories about how girls have committed suicide at this bridge.

Travel to Phnom Penh

If you love history then you will love spending sometime at the independence monument that is also great for taking photos especially in the evening because the lights are beautiful and you get to feel the pulse of Phnom Penh while traffic whizzes past. In fact, the place looks so ordinary during the day and magnificent at night. Even then, do not expect to get close to the monument as it is in the middle of a roundabout. The VIP sport club is another great place to pass by even though the equipment is a tad bit too old. We particularly spent hours at the club’s swimming pool because we are usually not into the gym routine.

We also dropped by the Place Pakaa national museum that has a series of three rotating shows. We attended two of these namely the Children of Bassac and Passage of Life and I guarantee you that this is a pleasant way of spending the evening. The performances are worth your time and money because the team is well prepared and offers a great performance. The team is also helpful and nice therefore if you want to know more about the Cambodian culture then be sure to make the most of this opportunity.

Travel to Phnom Penh

The Flicks Movie Houses is also another great place to pass time and have fun in Phnom Penh. I can guarantee you that you will not regret watching a movie here while you taste the nachos and have a drink. The waiters are kind enough to bring them to you inside the movie room. It is a great place to chill out especially after a busy day at other attractions or other activities because the atmosphere here is relaxed.

The last place we visited is Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center where we so many wonderful and beautiful bears, monkeys, birds as well as wildlife. The staff at the rescue center love these animals and this even made the experience more interesting. Walking around the expansive rescue centre was quite exciting but you need to ensure you are in comfortable shoes. When the time came for us to exit Phnom Penh we had too many memories of a time well spent to take back. In fact, we even wished we could extend our holidays but our budgets and time could not allow so when you plan to go spare enough time and money for some real fun. 

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