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Now experience this vibrant country of striking contrasts. Cameroon, a combination of over 2,000 years of tradition and culture with one of the most modern life-style on the African continent. After several years under democratic rule, the country has emerged as the largest democracy in Africa and opening her doors for business and leisure visitors. You will discover everything from ancient villages, markets, shrines, palaces to modern cities, highways, industries etc. “Every kilometer, another language……” Land of a thousand dialects and diverse ethnic cultures, indeed Africa’s “melting pot”. And while exploring this land of cultural diversity, you are surrounded by perhaps the most hospitable people in the world.

Cameroon, a fun loving and friendly people are ready to welcome you and share their rich cultural heritage with you. Cameroon has been continuously settled since the Neolithic period (the New Stone Age), most notably by Pygmy groups, including the Baka. European interest in the area began in the fifteenth century. Germany claimed the region, known as Kamerun at the time, as a colony in 1884 and used forced labor to improve local infrastructure. After Germany’s defeat in World War I, the colony was split between France and Britain. In 1961, Cameroon was reunited as an independent nation We invite you to explore Cameroon with  us.

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“Every kilometer, another language……” Land of a thousand dialects and diverse ethnic cultures, indeed Africa’s “melting pot”.

this is kind of challenging... imagine different languages per km is insanity. lol

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