Most Fascinating Destinations In Cameroon

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Cameroon is a country that is bounded by Lakes, mountains, and rivers. It is one of the places preferred by many people to visit during their vacations. This is because it has a number of beautiful places which attracts tourists. For adventure lovers, this is the right place to visit. The country’s tradition and culture are implanted in all the places that one can during a  visit to Cameroon.

 It is a famous tourist destination for people who plan to visit Africa. A visit to Cameroon keep tourists glued to the scenery around the city. For one to explore this country well, he should plan to spend at least two weeks.

Waza National Park

Waza National Park

A visit to Cameroon is not complete without a visit to Waza National Park. The park is situated in the North province of Cameroon. It is suitable for adventure seekers. In order to explore the park, one needs to track along through the jungle to enjoy the green beauty it has.


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Musa Heritage Gallery

Musa Heritage Gallery

Cameroon is one of the places tourists find interesting and makes them forget their homes. Musa Heritage Gallery or Mus’ Art Gallery is an attractive site to all the art lovers. It focuses on promoting the art and craft of the country’s western grass fields.

 This is a widely recognized gallery. Many people flock out to this place to appreciate and feel the material culture of the residents as expressed in the form of art during vacations in Cameroon. The area has a museum which is managed by the Musa family and the proprietors of the gallery. The place is open to all the visitors who visit the country.

Campo Ma’an National Park

Campo Ma’an National Park

There are various national parks in the country which attract many people  in Cameroon vacations. Campo Ma’an National Park is located in the South of Cameroon. The place is an agricultural zone with an agro-industrial zone and agro-forestry zone.

The plantations comprise of rubber trees and palms. Many visitors to the place spend their day in the midst of plants and animals. For animal lovers, this is the right place to visit. One will see lowland gorillas, elephants, chimpanzees, mandrills, hippos, and black colobus. One will also see the leopard. The park is famous for its biodiversity. It is home to many plants and flowers.

Mount Cameroon

 mount cameroon

The park has good weather conditions which make tourists enjoy staying there. The vegetation is attractive and will cause captivated glances. Mount Cameroon which is the highest mountain in central and West Africa is next to the city of Buea. It is one of the main attractions in the country sought by a number of visitors.

For hikers and climbers, Mount Cameroon is the right place to visit. Those who offer guidance are available in the city during a visit to Cameroon. For one who does not have the equipment needed, the person can hire them because they are available in the city. For one to have the most wonderful experience of his entire life, the person should trek on this mountain. It is an amazing place to visit for hikers.

The roofed huts are amazing.  They are used as rest rooms for tourists. Other tourists’ attraction sites that one should not miss during his Cameroon vacations are the famous volcanoes known as Mount Faka and Chariot of the Gods.

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