A Day In Regina, Canada

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Regina, Canada was once a hunting ground that was called ‘pile of bones’ by the Cree people. Today, it has become an oasis in the prairie when it comes to tourism.  Regina offers visitors a rich cultural life and major attraction locations. The city offers visitors an inspiring jumble that is seen in its various pulsating districts.  There are lots of state-of-the-art tourist locations , each designed with mind-blowing architectural edifice.

Regina has this peculiar environment  that make visitors fall in love with it the first time they arrive which is the reason why a lot of tourists visit it yearly.  Experience annual festivals like the Cathedral Village Arts Festival, the Regina Dragon Boat Festival, the Craven Country Jamboree, Queen City Pride, the Regina Folk Festival  and Mosaic attracts people from around the world. You can witness the annual Kiwanis Music Festival where you would see a special type of dancing that is not see in any part of the world.


If you have not been to any prairie before, then Regina is where you would feel the excitement and fun of watching the horizon to another horizon. The only thing that may block your view is the few grains elevators that are the storage for the city’s grains.

The top attractions sites like the Conexux Arts Centre, the Legislative Building MacKenzie Art Gallery, Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Saskatchewan Science Centre are some of the places you can visit. The largest man-made lake in Canada which is called Wascana Lake is the home of wildlife and birds. A lot of animal lovers and bird watchers are seen here.

You can make a lot of purchases at the retail stores, eat out at the local restaurants, relax at the luxury hotels and catch your fun during the vibrant nights.

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Are you looking for a daring activity in Regina? The biking trails and professional football, Rodeo and walking will provide you a lot of leisure and entertainment. A trip to the Great Sand Hills near Saskatoon, which is  an area of sand dunes that looks like any desert can make your stay in Regina memorable.

Regina tourism

Regina International Airport is operated by the the Regina Airport Authority. It was the second busiest airport in 2010 in Saskatchewan  while Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker has always  being the busiest. The airport has been classified as a point of entry by NAV CANADA. In 2011, it served 1,141,177 passengers.

Nightlife in Regina is exciting and fun, complete with a lot of tourist attraction sites for you, nightclubs and bars that are affordable, this is what brings a pulsating energy to the city. Regina has a lot of five star hotels that are equipped with state of the art facilities and budget hotels.

Whether you are in Regina for leisure or business trip, the city has a lot of social activities for you to get involved with.The  charismatic  nature of Regina attracts  visitors to book Regina flights each year, the best time to visit is March to May and from September to November




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