Bus Ticket From Saskatoon To Regina

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Saskatoon is a small city in Saskatchewan, Canada with a variety of attractions to see and things to do. One of the themed museums that you must not fail to visit while in Saskatoon is the Saskatoon Western Development Museum- 1910 Boomtown. It is an interactive and charming museum that tells the story and development of the region. It is fun to explore the exhibits and it allows entry into the season precincts and old vehicles.

Bus Ticket From Saskatoon To Regina


The city of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada is famous for its nice and accessible central park called the Wascana Centre Park. Regina is considered the city with the largest green area in Canada and the Wascana Park is proof of that. The park is much more beautiful in the summer season, especially the lake in front of the Legislative Building. During the winter season you can skate on the lake and enjoy the view of the snow-covered city.

Here are the available modes of transport from Saskatoon to Regina.

Bus Ticket From Saskatoon To Regina

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The distance between Saskatoon to Regina is 292 kms and the travel duration is 4 hours and 10 minutes. There is only one bus transport service company that offer 3 bus trips daily from the city of Saskatoon to Regina. The most affordable one-way bus fare can be purchased at US$ 30. If you need the latest schedules, fares, and type of bus accommodation to avail, you can research all the information from this site: http://www.stcbus.com

If driving all the way from Saskatoon to Regina is your preferred mode of travel, the entire journey is estimated at  3 hours and 35 minutes.

Bus Ticket From Saskatoon To Regina

Train Ticket From Saskatoon To Regina

There is no railway transport provider that covers the Saskatoon to Regina route.

Airplane Ticket From Saskatoon To Regina

There are two air transport service companies that offer daily flights from Saskatoon to Regina (Pronto Airways and Air Transat). The travel time is 45 minutes. The lowest airfare is US$ 75. To find the latest timetable and compare airfares, visit here: http://www.airtransat.fr/fr/index.aspx

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