How To Get From Quebec To Montreal

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Quebec is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. To see the more medieval side of this city, it is a must to visit the Old Quebec. The city is not only lovely, but it is reminiscent of Europe. You will enjoy strolling along the old alleys and the grandeur of the Chateau Frontenac. The small streets interact and getting in and out of the typical shops that line this attraction completes the ride.

How To Get From Quebec To Montreal


Montreal has a wealth of tourist attractions to discover, but the most prominent one is the Notre- Dame Basilica. This church is worth knowing and its spectacle of light and sound is very interesting. The square where this basilica is located has many other attractions to be visited. It also has this great 3D impression when looking toward the altar. The Basilica is a must-see attraction that was built in neo-Gothic style, an imposing sight with its two towering steeples and a majestic interior. Do not miss seeing it.

Here are the available modes of transport from Quebec To Montreal.

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Quebec To Montreal By Train

There is no railway transport service that covers the Quebec to Montreal railway route. Both cities are located within the same state. It is easily accessible by walking which takes about 30 minutes. Another option is to rent a bike which is not only a good form of exercise, but one of the most viable options to easily get from Quebec to Montreal. You can rent bikes (from Bixi) and start from the University des Pines up to the city of Montreal. The travel duration is ten minutes for a bike rental cost of US$ 6. To learn more about this, visit:

How To Get From Quebec To Montreal

Quebec To Montreal By Bus

There is no bus transport company that covers the Quebec to Montreal bus route, but there is an option to hire a cab or taxi for at least US$ 8. The travel time is ten minutes.

Quebec To Montreal By Plane

There is no direct flight transport for the Quebec to Montreal route. 

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