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vacations in canadaChoosing a vacation destination is always a challenge for me because I always look forward to having the best of times. This means that I must carefully research and gather as much information about a particular destination before setting off. This year, my destination of choice was Canada and I sure had a great time. You will agree with me that such trips as best enjoyed when you are in the company of a person that you know and I my case, my cousin accompanied me for vacations in Canada. This country is relatively big hence we needed to plan ahead since we wanted to make the most out of the trip and we settled on Vancouver Island that is also referred to as Victoria.

Vancouver is more than galleries, antique shops and tearooms even though it has a lot of British influences. We booked our accommodation at Abigael Hotel where we were made to feel at home. The hotel has invested in wonderful little pleasures like the beautiful linen, white towels that are changed regularly, great décor, fireplaces and great breakfasts all of which make it romantic. The ambience is also lovely making it a place where only good memories are created.

Our vacations in Canada were filled with fun activities and at the end of every day; we looked forward to a new day and new experience. We first visited the Royal BC museum that ushered us into a real feel of British Columbia. You will definitely enjoy a tour of this museum that has preserved all the natural histories of this province. The museum houses cultural precinct such as Helmcken House, BC archives, the Netherlands Centennial Carillion among other elaborate and interesting exhibits. This museum has kept its glory thus even though it looked older it is still majestic. If you love movies, you can book yourself a ticket and catch one at IMAX Victoria that is housed here.

The inner harbor is another interesting place that I would recommend to you. This place does not only have a scenic path of waterfront that offers a relaxing atmosphere but also brings together a number of recreational activities as well as shopping and restaurants. We boarded a ferry and went on the harbor tour after which we had some great afternoon tea at Grand Empress Hotel. How could I forget to mention that the riotous feast architecture at this place will catch your attention even if you are not an art enthusiast?

Another great place in Vancouver that we discovered during our vacations in Canada is the Pacific surf school that is dedicated to offering surfing lessons for different age groups and skill levels. The instructors here are fantastic and they will sure equip you with the knowledge you need before getting in the water. I had always admired watching people surfing on television so when the opportunity beckoned I grabbed it and indeed it was amazing. We had a lot of time to learn and play and at the end of the day I was glad to have learnt something new.

We also dedicated one of our afternoons at the Chemainus Theatre that is quite vibrant because both my cousin and I love theatre. This was after having a hearty meal at the African restaurant. The theatre boasts of having some of the best performers in Vancouver, a fact that we both agreed to after enjoying a fabulous show. We had wonderful fun here and I strongly recommend that you drop by this theatre when you visit Canada.

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The Beacon Hill Park is another must see place in Vancouver that you must visit. Although it is not too far from parliament building, the park is a beautiful oasis that also offers a lot to see. These include the ponds, stunning fountains and the kids’ zoo. The park offers something for everyone. The Flower gardens are pleasant to the eye as they are well tended. You can also enjoy a walk through the trails. We could not fail to visit the Parliament buildings that are another great architectural attraction. Moreover, these buildings are open at all times of the year for the public who enjoy taking tours before having a bite at the Legislative dining room. The buildings live up to their billing as they are an architectural delight that is quite exceptional. I loved the fact that this public building can be accessed by anyone as only a few places that are restricted.

We also spent some time at the huge pristine Chesterman beach that is a magical spot. The panoramic view of Vancouver from here is very beautiful. There are a number of bed and breakfast hotels nearby where you can seek accommodation if you want to stay on this beach longer. It is also a great place to watch the sun setting in the horizon as you take an evening stroll along the beach. If you love flowers then you will definitely enjoy visiting Butchart gardens that are internationally acclaimed botanical gardens.

The gardens are organized along different themes that include the Japanese Garden, the Italian garden and the Rose garden among others. Over one million plants are arranged so well that everything falls into place. Although you can visit the gardens at any time of the day, we enjoyed our evening visit as we also got to see a great display of fireworks while enjoying the nightly live music. Moreover, the garden may be accessed by a person who is on a wheel chair.

Vacations in Canada cannot be complete without a visit to the Pacific Rim national park where we engaged in various activities ranging from bird watching to hiking. The park have huge beaches that are known for their characteristic waves and strong currents that surfers enjoy. Based on our experience at the park I can only sum it up in three words, windy, natural and wild with awesome scenery so make a point of visiting next time you are in Canada.

If you want to learn a little bit of the history of the Vancouver Island, then you will do well to visit the Museum at Campbell River. This is one of the best museums within British Columbia that carefully captures the history of the First Nations Community. While here watched a video on Ripple Rock Explosion. There is also an incredible gift shop whose staff is excellent. The displays are wonderful making the museum a gem that is worth visiting.

We also visited the Victoria bug zoo that is a must see miniature zoo housing a variety of multi-legged creatures. We discovered a lot of fascinating species even as the bug guides revealed to us some hidden secrets of this kingdom. Even then, I was not brave enough to hold any of these insects; not even the harmless ones. Although we had not planned on going for shopping, we visited a few shopping places with the major attraction being the Market Square that is a cute little market that has nice shops that offer a variety of items. We also visited Munro’s books that is a bookstore with a diverse and impressive collection of books. The atmosphere there was also calm while the staff is friendly. My cousin and I managed to pick some great Canadian authored books in the bargain as our souvenir.

Our vacations in Canada were exciting not just because of the many attractions that we visited but also the great cuisine. During our five days in Vancouver, we enjoyed different delicacies in different restaurants and we were never disappointed. Since we are not into the night scene, I cannot say much about the nightlife in Vancouver. By the time, we were boarding our plane back home; we only wished we had more time to explore this beautiful Island. It was well worth our bet.

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Canda is a beautiful states i love to visit it. but unfortunatley i will not visit canda yet due to so many issues. will hope so to visit canda soon.



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