Great Tourist Destinations In Cape Verde

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Is anyone wondering about where to travel for a vacation?  Cape Verde is the right place to visit. The place is famous for its beautiful sites. A visit to Cape Verde is one of the best places to be while going for holidays  . Vacations are some of the best time one can ever have in his entire life. Two or three days will not be enough for one to explore this beautiful place. One should allocate enough time and money to allow him travel to all the attractive places.

The people are friendly to the visitors during vacations in Cape Verde. They have good characters and cheerful smiles. The area has delicious fresh fish which has brought by the traditional fishermen every day for as long as anyone remembers.




A visit to Cape Verde starts with a visit to the peaceful setting of RIU’s. This is a Cape Verde beach resort. One will witness the striking environment of the beach hotels found in Boa Vista and Sal Island.

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The islands have a desert like appearance, with little vegetation. One will practice exciting water sports on the beach and will also have a relaxed moment on his own. The beaches in this region have a wonderful atmosphere which enables the visitors to enjoy their stay.

If you like sea fish, this is the right place to visit. These two are some of the reasons why people travel from all over the world to visit this exclusive archipelago. The existence of Santa Maria beach, Chaves beach and Santa Monica’s beach makes the entertainment in his place something to look forward to. The beaches have good atmosphere and exclusive hotels and dishes.




Mindelo is one of the cities that interest many people. It is a port city located in the Northern part of Vincente Island. One who visits the city will have a good food experience. For those who like swimming and basking this is the perfect place to visit. One should visit this place with his family so as to experience the fun. A visit to Cape Verde is not complete without visiting Santiago which is the largest and most populous island in region.

Santa Catarina County

santa catarina county

For all who love adventure, Santa Catarina County is the perfect place to visit. It comprises of the city of Assomada which is the largest city in the county. The place has nice beaches and many people visit to feel the heat of the sun.

Sao Filipe City

sao filipe city

For those who are tired of the monotonous urban sprawl, they should explore Sao Filipe city which is situated on the Fogo Island. This city has a rural feeling and has serene surroundings.  The place has artistic features and the traditional culture is also well preserved.

For a visitor to make his visit enjoyable and memorable, he should visit the place with his family members, friends, relatives, or partners. A visit to Cape Verde should be planned well and bookings made as early as possible to avoid inconveniences. Visitors do not usually have a problem of finding attractive places to visit.


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