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Horse Riding in Torres del Paine National Park   Horse riding through the parl  Galloping through the pampas  Laguna Azul Torres del Paine National Park



Estancia Travel, specialize in organizing horse riding trips in Patagonia, Chile.

The company was established in 2002 by Heidi Ryan (English) and Gustavo Souper (Chilean). Both are experienced horse enthusiasts, who decided to combine their knowledge of Southern Chile with their love of horses to make truly memorable holidays.

Programmes range from day trips for the first timer to ten day adventures for the more experienced rider.

Our trips take you from estancia to estancia by horse. The trails vary from vast open plains where you can enjoy an exhilarating gallop, to steep mountain descents and ancient wooded valleys.

Depending on your level of riding experience we carefully plan each trip allowing you to get the utmost enjoyment from your holiday. By horse we have time to observe the breathtaking natural beauty of the places we visit and become familiar with the abundance of wildlife that we meet on our journey.


The estancias we stay in all have their own individual history and charm and our aim is to celebrate this culture and share with you the warmth and hospitality of the people who live and work within it.

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I didnt think anything would beat an African safari, but I was wrong, Patagonia blew me away, in more ways than one. It was certainly windy, a fact borne out by the number of trees growing with a distinct lean and all their branches stuck out to one side. The weather was typically Patagonian and constantly variable, but it was nearly always windy, wind with sun, wind with cloud or wind with rain, and on one memorable day, when I attempted to walk to the base of the towers, wind with snow! Fortunately for us, the weather was predominantly dry with clear blue skies and we only needed our waterproof trousers for one afternoon during the entire trip.

However, it was the scenery that really blew me away, the vastness of the landscape, the majesty of the snow-capped mountains and lakes so blue I could have been in the Mediterranean. Not to mention all the wildlife, large herds of guanaco, with their young in tow; rhea with their speckled chicks; grey foxes and their cubs; skunks; hares; soaring condors and even a few flamingoes. The only thing we didnt manage to find was the elusive puma.

Heidi and Gustavos horses were a joy, turned out to English high standards, groomed to within an inch of their lives and with tack that sparkled in the sun. I was offered the choice of an English or Chilean saddle and opted for the latter, both for authenticity and the large mound of pads and sheepskins to cushion me during the long rides. The horses were mainly Western trained and responded to neck-reining, requiring only the lightest of touches on the reins, in fact, we joked that it was like riding the Ferrari of horses, where over-use of the aids would have had us performing sliding stops and turns like the professional Chilean rodeo riders (but with considerably less style!). They were fabulously forward going and trained to jog-trot a lot of the time, which was beautifully smooth and far more comfortable than it sounds.

The ride was a real journey, starting in Punta Arenas and riding towards the Torres del Paine national park. The horses carried us up steep inclines to look-out points where condors circled against a back-drop of valleys carved by glaciers. On these steep rocky sections our horses had the sure-footedness of mountain goats, meaning that we could marvel at the hundreds of flowers that sprang out of the barren ground. Lunch was carried with us in our saddle bags so that we could stop at well chosen spots with fantastic views, rest the horses and sneak a short siesta.

In the afternoons, after descending to the valley floors, we were able to enjoy long canters on the seemingly endless pampas, with the mighty massif dominating the skyline. We would arrive at the estancias in time for afternoon tea and cake which was always gratefully received - at the time, I had no idea where I was putting all the food we were given, but I have since discovered it around my waistline! Oh well, thats what holidays are for, anyone for another Pisco Sour?

June 28, 2011, 01:57:27 PM

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