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How To Get From Santiago To Catamarca

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The La Chascona Casa Museo is a fine place to visit when in Santiago. It provides a good impression of Pablo Neruda's life and work. It is located in the Bella Vista area, which is also worth a visit with its many restaurants and bars.

How To Get From Santiago To Catamarca


The Ruta de los Seismiles in Catamarca City is the path that leads to the "Paso de San Francisco" which is the international border with Chile. The journey has very beautiful scenery and the route is in excellent condition.

Here are the available modes of transport from Santiago to Catamarca.

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Santiago to Catamarca By Train

There is no railway transport service that covers the Santiago to Catamarca route.

Santiago to Catamarca By Bus

The distance between Santiago to Catamarca is 1105 km. From Santiago, take the Bus America transport service that is bound to Maipu. From here, take another Bus America service transport that is bound to Mendoza. From Mendoza, take an Andes Mar bus transport that goes straight to the city of Catamarca.

How To Get From Santiago To Catamarca

The total travel time is 16 hours and 45 minutes for US$135. For schedules, visit:

If you refer driving, the travel time is 13 hours and 50 minutes.

Santiago to Catamarca By Plane

You can take the Aerolineas Argentinas commercial flight that travels daily from Santiago to Catamarca. The flight travel duration is nine hours and 40 minutes for US$180. To get the full details of the flight route: check:

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