Rio Tranquilo Harbor

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Do you have a girlfriend?
If you answered yes, and if you want to be with her in a really romantic and small place,
Go no Further than Puerto Rio Tranquilo, its lake is amazing.  The various shades of blue that it has are really a romantic place, to make up all day .... 
As its name implies Puerto Tranquilo is a real calm and small place for couples, but steadily growing settlement at Lago General Carrera?s west end, 25 kilometers south of Puerto Murta. At the north end of town, a new road toward Bah?a Exploradores, an inlet of the larger Estero Capquel?n, has passed the midway point at Lago Bayo; eventually, with a boat connection and an hour?s hike, you?ll reach Laguna San forum
You can rent from here a boat and go around the beauty of the cathedral that is floating on the water !

A bit south of Puerto Rio Tranquilo are the marble caves. We hired a local and he took us with his boat out there. The water was amazingly clear.
I do not think it is actual marble but this huge rock was formed by the water and made it look like marble. It provides some stunning views nonetheless.
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How you can get there with your girl?
In summer, there?s a helpful Oficina de Informaci?n Tur?stica directly on the highway, across from the gas station.

Scheduled buses between Coyhaique and Cochrane drop and pick up passengers here. Transporte Bellavista (Los Arrayanes 380, tel. 067/411904) goes to Puerto Guadal and Chile Chico (US$13, 3.5 hours) Wednesday at 6 a.m. Many backpackers try hitching here, which means heavy competition for a handful of rides.

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Puerto Tranquilo is really most beautiful place to visit. The Marble Caves is the famous attractions of Patagonia.I would like to visit this place atleast once in lifetime.

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