Amazing Trip To Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

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Me and my boyfriend this time decided to visit the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong for our summer vacation in June. Well, we have heard a lot about the Victoria peak from our friends and relatives, that we finally decided to book the tickets for this fun filled destination.

Victoria Peak, also known as the Mount Austin is a mountain located towards the eastern part of the Hong Kong Island. The Hong Kong island is a home to many fishing villages and carries a population of over 3000 natives. 

Amazing trip to Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

We reached Hong Kong on the 12th of June and started exploring the Victoria peak. Our first point of attraction at the Victoria Peak was the Tram. We heard a lot about the Tram experience and we decided to first board the tram to experience the true beauty of Hong Kong’s natural wonders. The tram has been featured in movies and television programs and paid host to many dignitaries. With all this in mind, we bought tickets from the Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus. We boarded the tram and believe me, it was one of the incredible experiences that we both had till date.

Then we went ahead and reached the Peak Tower, The peak tower is what we were awaiting to see for a long time and finally reached it. It was indeed the most enchanting architectural icon of Hong Kong. This tower has been featured in postcards, and paintings. After watching and experiencing it with our own eyes,  we ourselves took over 50 pictures of the beautiful attraction. When we went inside the tower, we were surprised to see the variety of restaurants and entertainment venues and shops.  The peak tower is made in a “wok” shape, offering spectacular view of the Kowloon skylines, and Hong kong. The beautiful panoramic views of Hong Kong were breath taking from the Sky Terrace and we enjoyed the beautiful views. The sky terrace on the peak tower offers beautiful 360 degree views of the Hong Kong harbour and the city. And, the view gets better with less pollution around.  We both took a leisurely walk on it, enjoying the panoramic views.

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Amazing trip to Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

After experiencing the views, we experienced the design and art of 200 memorabilla that were exhibited in the Peak Tram Historical Gallery. The tunnel’s experience took us to the 19th and 20 the century Hong Kong. This was truly amazing and unforgettable. Some of the memorabilia date back to 19th century. The gallery is a homage to Hong Kong’ history, culture, and heritage offering beautiful sculptures and memorabilia making us aware of how the Pearl of Orient has come to shine.

We started off first by visiting the Madam Tussauds, located on the level 2 of Peak tower that helped me and my boyfriend connect with our favourite celebrities. Apart from that, there were exciting audio visual effects that made us stay there for a very long time. There are around 100 wax celebrity figures that look exactly like the real celebrities.  

The day passed by and we went to their one of the signature restaurants to try the local and authentic Chinese dishes. Well, it was a satiating experience for all our senses.

Amazing trip to Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Our next was to enjoy the outdoor beauty of the Victoria peak and so we decided to visit the beautiful vistas that were encompassing the Peak.  Victoria peak was a true beauty, offering Chinese art. It was once the home for the governor; however, it is now a popular attraction for the tourists. From this garden, we could capture a lovely view of the Victoria Harbour from 300m angel.

Our next stop was the Peak Galleria, since we really wanted to shop for the souvenirs and gifts for the people back at home. Peak Galleria is a shopping complex and a major tourist attraction with a small bus terminal.  Along with a variety of shops, it also offers number of restaurants and eateries to grab a bite. We visited the shops at the galleria and bought beautiful souvenirs and of course grabbed a bite after a long day.

Another shopping area was the Peak market, which is just like any temple or street market selling stuff like scarves, t-shirts, fridge magnets, silk embroideries, and vases. The rates are a little expensive than the local market, but the merchandise was of good quality and still economically priced. These were for sure my cup of tea and I could not stoping buying fridge magnets for one and for all back at home.

Since my boyfriend is an adventure enthusiast and likes to go on long trails, we decided to start off our next day with the Hong Kong Trail. This trail was opened in 1985 and is a 50 kilometre long footpath joining Victoria Peak to the Big Wave Bay.  We were surprised to know that the trail had 8 stages with different timings.  We decided to take The Parkview to Parker Hill route, which is the difficult trails of all the stages and we really wanted to hike and enjoy the difficulty level. So, we started off from the Parkview.  Parkview area consists of many serviced apartments buildings.  This was indeed invigorating and the views were breathtaking.  In the way, we saw the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, where the natives of Hong Kong got water from this reservoir.

Amazing trip to Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Our next outdoor destination was the Mount Austin Playground. We took a walk in the garden, enjoyed the green lush beautiful grass, the local residents were also there with their children.  It is a good way to enjoy the natural beauty and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

After this, we decided to go to the Hong Kong Botanical and Zoological gardens, located on the northern part of the Victoria Peak. The gardens are spread across the area of over 12 acres and have the Garden Road, Upper Albert Road, and Robins Road encompassing it from all the sides. Albany road divides the huge garden in two parts, which makes the eastern side of the garden into the children’s pleasure ground having a greenhouse and a terrace garden.  The western side of the garden is used for feeding reptiles and mammals.  We had a great time visiting this garden, since I am an animal lover and garden provides its visitors with 40 caged areas for animals with 70 mammals,500 birds, and 70 reptiles.  We just could not stop clicking the pictures of the beautiful lesser mouse deer, Chinese porcupine, Bornean orang-utan, and golden lion tamarin.  As far as reptiles go, there were a variety of alligators, tortoise, pythons and many more.

Not just the animals, the gardens were looking pretty with exotic plants like orchids, climbing vines, bromeliads, ferns etc. The sight was breath taking and the days were completed with this unusual and delightful experience.

After a two long days spent at Victoria peak, we went to see the other attractions at Hong Kong. However, we really enjoyed our visit to the Victoria peak, a truly beautiful and wonderful experience that showed us the mesmerizing beauty of the Hong Kong at day and night both. It is indeed a must visit place, if you are visiting Hong Kong.







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