Best Temples In Hong Kong

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You can take a break from visiting the Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and shopping malls and delve into some of the most fascinating tourist sites in the city like the temples. These temples are the cultural heritage of the people of Hong Kong. There are a lot of things to learn in these places about fears, dreams, superstitions and hopes of the people.  Thousands of visitors come here for both religious and tourist purpose.

 Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

sik sik yeun wong tai sin temple

This is the top temple in Hong Kong with its ornamental latticework and red pillars that are bold. All the qualities of an archetypal Taoist Chinese temple have been displayed by Wong Tai Sin.  This is a noisy and colorful spot where people come for divine guidance and prayers for fortune from Wong. During the Chinese New year, the crowd here is huge because of the significance of this religious ground in giving people their heart desires.

Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden

chi lin nunnery and nan lian garden

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This temple is located in a very peaceful place at the Diamond Hill which is a close to the Wong Tai Sin Temple. The Buddhist nunnery is a place of tranquility and calm with lotus ponds, smooth stone balustrades and great wooded architecture. This was greatly inspired by the Tang Dynasty temples with its walkways and halls constructed without the use of nails. There is an oasis that is towering above the apartments and looming up across the road in the Nan Lian Garden.   Amulets and charms are sold here and the landscapes are beautifully designed.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

ten thousand buddhas monastery

There are no monks residing here even though it is called a monastery.  The winding path of the Shan Tin temple up the hillside is flanked by Arhand statues that are 500 life sized and compete in height to reach the temple.  There are over ten thousand Buddha statues and the preserved body of Yuet Kai is the main attraction here. He was the temple’s devout founder, who was embalmed in lacquer , dressed in robes and plastered with gold leaf. He sits on glass case that is placed inside the main building.

Man Mo Temple

man mo temple

When you enter the Man Mo Temple, you would be fascinated because it is like stepping inside a world that is different from our world, that is inhabited by the gods; the Man-God of Literature and Mo, who is the God of War. People come here to worship them. You would see the rays of sunlight cutting through the ever rising smoke of giant incense coils that hangs very low from the temple’s ceiling.

Lam Tsuen Tin Hau Temple and Wishing Trees

lam tsuen tin hau temple and wishing trees

This is a collection of quaint villages that draw people to the Tin Hau Temple and the two famous wishing trees that have been there for decades. Visitors can write their desires and wishes on a joss paper that is tied to an orange and then it is thrown towards of the banyan tree’s highest boughs . This is indeed, a religious place that attracts so many tourists from around the world.

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