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Guangdong is a province on the South China Coast of the People's Republic of China and is the most populous province in China, with a total population is 104,303,132 as of 2010 census. The capital of Guangdong is Guangzhou. The province is home to a lot of Chinese corporations and multinational companies. It hosts the largest Import and Export Fair in China called the Canton Fair. The name "Guang" means "expanse" or "vast", while "Guangdong" and its neighbouring province, Guangxi literally mean "expanse east" and "expanse west". Together, Guangdong and Guangxi are called Liangguang. Guangdong borders the South China Sea and surrounds Hong Kong and Macau.

Travel to Guangdong, China and take advantage of the numerous economic and technological development zones including tourism. The province is currently one of the richest in China, with a larger number of the country’s billionaires residing in it. It is not only China's largest exporter of goods, it is also China's largest importer as well.


Guangdong Attraction Places

Nanhai Movie and TV Town is famously called the "the Hollywood of China", it is one of the four movie and television shooting locations that operates directly under CCTV.  It is known for popular TV series including the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This place combines different styles' architectures, including a solemn palace. The best time to visit is around October to March.

There are lots of modern scenery, natural beauty or folklore and ancient architecture in Guangzhou for tourists to experience.  You can make your destination to the Guangxiao Temple, which is known as the Temple of Bright Filial Piety. This is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Guangdong. It was once the mansion of Prince Zhao Jiande of the Nanyue Kingdom during the Western Han Dynasty.

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Guangdong hotels

The Yingzhou Ecological Park is 130 hectares with over 50,000 fruit trees and the Shenzhen Cultural Center includes Shenzhen Concert Hall and Shenzhen Library for you to explore. There are activities like the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in the province that attracts a lot of tourists. You may love to visit the Pearl River Cruise which provides picturesque scenery along the third longest river of the country.  The Canton Fair takes place every April, 15 to 30 and October 15 to 30 if you would want to be a part of it. And there is the Guangzhou International Food Festival, held in October or November yearly. It is mainly about entertainment, food, trade and tourism and then, there is the Yangjiang Kite Festival held on Chongyang Festival that  attracts  kite lover around the world.

Also you can visit the  Dynomite Fossil in Nanxiong Shiyu Prefecture and Ancient Ruins of “Maba People” and lots more.




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