Where To Visit In Dalian

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Looking for a place to unwind, Delian can be that perfect tourist destination with lots of beaches to lazy around and coasts to stroll along.  It is beautifully perched on a peninsula that borders the famous Yellow Sea. This is where people who want to have a relaxed time chill when they are in China come to.  There are tree lined streets, fresh air, good weather and impressive architectural structures. The charms can attract some serious shoppers too and for fun seekers, it is a great destination. Coming to Dalian would take you to the Squares, these squares are famous in China and there are scattered in this city.  Each of these squares comes with its own character like the Zhongshan Square where you can find the some old Japanese buildings.  It is in Russian Street that would found pockets of the city’s history.

 Dalian-Jinshitan Scenic Area

The Changxing Island has a resort that offers tourists entertainment, sightseeing, sports and leisure. Do not forget to be at this resort the next time you are in China. The Dalian Forest Zoo offers tourists animal shows. It houses the lions, polar bears, tigers, lions and rhinos. If you are in Dalian during the late April, this is the best time to witness the cherry blossoms at the Long Wangtang. On a very beautiful day, you can visit the Láodòng (Labor) Park.  You can use the seat lift to arrive at the mountain’s peak. If you love heights, you would definitely like here. There are beaches that are clustered on the sides of this city. 

You can get lost in the Dalian entertainment that offers you different types of its local entertainment. During the late July and early August, you can experience the Dalian beer festival in Xinghai for a good ten days.  There is music and beer here to give every visitor an exciting moment.


Nightlife is exciting and vibrant. The end of every day begins another tourist activity in the night. With hundreds of pubs and nightclubs around, you are sure to have a blast in exciting activities. The food can never get less because the chefs are trained to give you great meals at the different restaurants and eateries.

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Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport (DLC)


Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is situated in the  Ganjingzi District, which is  about 10 km northwest of the city center.  It served 10,703,640 passengers in 2010, making the airport the busiest airport in Northeast China and the 16th busiest in China. It  is the hub for Dalian Airlines and a focus city for Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

There are a lot of hotels you can make use of when you are in Dalian. These hotels offer you luxury and comfort. You can eat both continental and local meals in any of these hotels, with great views of Dalian from some of their roof tops. A lot of visitors come to Dalian around the clock. However, the best time to visit Dalian can be during the summer which is around early July to late August.




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