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Hey There,
As part of my long trip travel, I am currently in Argentina, and Gonna be in Colombia in like 1 month from now.
I would like to know about safe places that I can visit in Colombia, As well as safety tips, or what to take care of when being in Colombia.
Please provide as well do not miss places list that I should visit. And places that a tourist should prevent from visiting in colombia.

For instance I met in Argentina a guy from Colombia he told me the following Safety Tips:
1. Do not go to the center of Bogota at night.
2. If you go at day time always watch people around you, Keep your eyes open, in case you see some guys getting close to you or doing signals to each other run away, since they probably plan to rob you....
3. Do not take taxis from the Streets only from station, since there are a whole lot of people who take taxis from the streets and then being robbed by the taxi drive. (Generally he takes them to a bad  neighborhood, and threaten to leave them there if they do not pay him more.....
4. Medellin is really dangouros area, if going there, ask in advance what are the red areas that you should not go in Medellin. Do not walk outside the places told you in your hotel.

Here is a Do not Miss places he told me:
1. Santa Marta - Great Beach to rest and to go to swim.
2. Tayrona Park - Nice national park near Santa Marta, in which you can rest and rent a hammack for the night.
3. Cali the capital of the salsa, I have heard parties there are Great !!

All right guys any other safety tips and safe places to visit, will help me plan my trip better when getting to Colombia.

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In Latin America there are only Brazil & Mexico two states which are having more population then Colombia. It has population of more that 1 Lacs. The place is conservative according to population. Cultural assortment in Colombia is a result of the intermingling of indigenous peoples, Europeans, and Africans. Today, only about 3% of the people identify themselves as indigenous.

Colombia is a country of harsh contrasts: Rugged Andes peaks and flourishing rainforest valleys, modern cities and Spanish colonial villages, hot Caribbean beaches and snowy mountains.  Best of all, much of the country is untouched by the tourist industry because of the country’s less than reputable past. 

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