Puntarenas To San Ignacio De Tupile By Bus

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Isla Tortuga in Puntarenas is a small island and you can travel with different companies that will provide transportation, food, services, and entertainment.

Puntarenas To San Ignacio de Tupile By Bus

San Ignacio de Tupile

The Isla Perro in San Blas a paradise in Panama and about an hour away from San Ignacio de Tupile. It is an island with white sand beach and crystalline sea that is excellent for diving.

Here are the available modes of transport from Puntarenas to San Ignacio de Tupile.

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Puntarenas To San Ignacio de Tupile By Bus

The distance between San Ignacio de Tupile is 730 km. Take the Monteverde Bus transport service from Puntarenas to San Jose. From here, take the Tica Bus service that is bound to Panama City. To reach the island of San Ignacio de Tupile, take the one hour water taxi ride that will sail to the San Blas Islands where you can hail a cab that will bring you to San Ignacio de Tupile. The total travel time is 24 hours for US$70. For details, check: http://www.monteverdeinfo.com/costa-rica/bus-schedule.htm

Puntarenas To San Ignacio de Tupile By Bus

If you choose to drive, the travel time is 18 hours.

Puntarenas To San Ignacio de Tupile By Train

There is no railway transport service that covers the San Ignacio de Tupile route.

Puntarenas To San Ignacio de Tupile By Plane

There are four commercial flights that cover the Puntarenas to San Ignacio de Tupile flight route. The travel time is eight hours for US$200. For details: http://www.oag.com/

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