Top 5 Hidden Tourist Destinations In Costa Rica

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It looks like every beautiful tourist destination in Costa Rica has been overexposed because of the number of tourists that visit this place yearly. There are hundreds of things to do which leave the tourists hungry to do so many things within a short time, in their rush to explore the famous places that they must have seen on the guidebooks, they end up missing some of the rare places.  

Costa Rica has secret caves, secret islands and secret beaches that can only be accessible at low tide, there are still destinations that are relatively visited and they may be some of the finest places to visit.

Piscina de los Pobres

Piscina de los Pobres

It would take you about eight miles from La Fortuna to Piscina de los Pobres, there are two thermal rivers that merge here which has created a free natural hot springs that has made this destination to be amazing.  Piscina de los Pobres can be referred to as the Pool of the Poor.  To visit here, a bit of hiking is expected. One more thing leave the kids behind and come with your water shoes.

Cabuya Island

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Cabuya Island

Only a few people are familiar with this place and they are no more on earth.  The Cabuya Island is situated at the end of the Nicoya Peninsula, a place that doubles as a cemetery and can only be visited at low tide. Legend has it that this place is haunted by ghosts. In the night, people are seen taking a candle lit walk for funerals.

Bahia de los Piratas

Bahia de los Piratas

A rose colored sand is what makes this place unique, the rocks here were once a hideout for pirates which gave it the name Bahia de los Piratas. It is ensconced in a dry forest and have this adventurous look. There are a lot of things you can do here like horseback ride, paddle boarding, kayaking and lots more.

Barra Honda

Barra Honda.jpg

Caves may not some of the famous things you see in Costa Rica, but when you seen Barra Honda, you would be awed. Most of the caves are  located in the Barra Honda National Park.  It is only one of these 42 caves that are accessible to the public. This is where you are going to find some bats, monkeys and cacti, it is a weird place to visit.

Playa Zancudo

Playa Zancudo

On the shores of the Golfo Dulce is the Playa Zancudo, which is in the Southern Costa Rica, that is dotted with almond trees and coconut palms, and they are adjacent to the mangrove lagoon. There are lots of wildlife activities here and relaxing accommodations. It is only a few humans you are going to find here. If you are thinking of a secluded place that would give you a quiet time, it is in this hidden spot that you would find it.

Do you see why we say that these tourist destinations are hidden and are some of the finest places you can be in Costa Rica?  If you are trying to come to Costa Rica for vacation, these  are some of the places you can visit.


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