Tortuguero To Managua By Bus

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The Tortuguero National Park is the official symbol of the city. It is nice and you can do boat tours along the canals and go for the beach. If you like to see turtles and birds; this is the best place to observe how wildlife coexists with nature.

Tortuguero To Managua By Bus


The National Palace of Culture in Managua is the right place where you can immerse yourself in the cultural, social history of this country. It is important to understand and know the reality of its existence and its idiosyncrasies.

Here are the available modes of transport from Tortuguero to Managua.

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Tortuguero To Managua By Bus

The distance between Tortuguero to Managua is 236 km. You can take a cab that will take you to the Guapiles bus terminal. From Guapiles, take a Monteverde bus that is bound to San Jose. From here, take a Trans Nica Bus Transport service that will bring you to the city of Managua. The total travel time is twelve hours and ten minutes for US$41. For details, visit:

If you choose to drive from Tortuguero to Managua, the travel time is eight hours.

Tortuguero To Managua By Bus

Tortuguero To Managua By Train

There is no railway transport service that covers the Tortuguero to Managua route.

Tortuguero To Managua By Plane

There are two airlines to choose from when travelling from Tortuguero to Managua. The travel time is five hours and ten minutes. The plane ticket costs US$160. For details, check:

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