How To Get From Zadar To Graz

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The Zadar City Gate is the business card of the beautiful city of Zadar in Croatia. The Venetian style architecture is known from this port and remains a constant character in the streets and squares, as well as in churches and palaces. It can also be seen in the lagoon, with the lion of St. Mark's everywhere.

How To Get From Zadar To Graz


Graz has a pedestrian area in the historic center of the most extensive Old Town (Alstadt) in Austria. It is beautiful to walk through the alleys where you can see the corners with inner courtyards and observe buildings with a mix of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture.

Here are the available modes of transport from Zadar to Graz.

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Zadar To Graz By Train     

Travelling from Zadar to Graz is possible, but you need to make it to Zagreb City (Zagreb Glavni Kolod station) and take the Croatian Railways train (HZ Line Eurcocity) that is bound to the Graz HBF train station. The travel time is three hours and 55 minutes and the one way train ticket is approximately US$30. There are scheduled once a day trips, if you need the details, check here:

How To Get From Zadar To Graz

Zadar To Graz By Bus

The distance between Zadar to Graz is 451 km. There are two bus transport companies that cover the Zadar to Graz route; Tour Bus and Autobusni Promet. The Tour Bus offers the fastest route with a travel time of eight hours. The bus journey begins at the Zadar Bus station, take the bus bound to Spielfeld. From Spielfeld, take the Biss Tours bus that is bound to the city of Graz. The total cost of the bus fare is US$30. To know the latest schedules, visit:

If you prefer to drive from Zadar to Graz; the travel time is four hours and 55 minutes.

Zadar To Graz By Plane

There are four airlines that offer daily flights from Zadar to Graz; Lufthansa, Croatian Air, Austrian and Germanwings. The air travel time (with two stopovers) is four hours and the one way fare costs US$230. 

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