Enchanting Holidays To Croatia

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holiday in croatiaI had been acquainted to my husband’s colleagues and their wife since we would frequently meets for dinners and day out sessions. I had always wanted to go out for a vacation with them since my husband would enjoy such outings in a group.

I decided to take a chance and propose this idea to the other members of the group and was surprised to find a positive response. We were 3 couples, so in total 6 people. The husbands had given the responsibility of selecting the place to us by announcing their total budgets for this group holiday.

On a dinner session at my place, I was discussing about the various destinations where we could holiday. That’s when one of them suggested Croatia and also told us a little about the city and its attractions. Hence, the dinner concluded with our decision to holiday in Croatia.

Croatia, a country located in South east Europe famous for its rich history, natural beauty beautiful coastlines and shopping.

We arrived in Split, a Mediterranean city in Central Dalmatia in Croatia and headed to a hotel which was booked by of my husband’s colleagues in advance. We spent our first half of the day exploring two of the best museums in the city .Our first visit was to The Ivan Mestrovic Gallery which is an art museum dedicated to the most significant and
holiday in croatiaimpressive work of the 20th century sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. There were a lot of sculptures, drawings, paintings, furniture sets and architectural plans – all made by one sculptor. Visiting this museum was a nice start to our vacation. The next visit was to the Archaeological Museum which is known to be the oldest museum in Croatia. The museum houses various interesting archaeological artifacts right from the prehistoric, Greek, Roman, Stone Age to the medieval ages. Visiting this museum was a great way to know about Croatian history. Half of our day was spent in exploring these two historic museums in Split hence we thought of taking a break from the monuments and explore the monuments of nature. We spent the other half in Krka National Park in Dalmatia. This park is named after the Krka River famous for its abundant waterfalls. The main attraction of the Park is its magnificent waterfalls. The famous Roski Slap-a collection of 12 waterfalls and Skradinski Buk falls-a collection of 17 waterfalls is one of Croatia's most prominent highlights. Skradinski Buk is located near the entrance of the park. We all were constantly taking snaps, admiring this beauty. Most of the area in this park is covered with waterfalls. We spotted different bird species too. We did a boat tour which was the best way to see the beauty of the park. We walked around the big and small waterfalls and spent the evening breathing in clean and pure air and enjoying the mesmerizing sound of falling water.

holiday in croatiaThe next day was for exploring the Diocletian’s Palace in Croatia. This Roman Palace was built by the emperor Diocletian's as his place of retirement. It is one of the best preserved sights of Roman architecture in the world covering an area of 7 acres. This amazing palace towers over all the small cafes and restaurants in the city. We took a whole day tour to this entire palace with the help of a local guide who was very conversant and interesting. Our husbands envied this incredible home of retirement. We explored the Grad area on foot, noticing all the various styles and materials used in the construction and renovation of the palace.

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We had lunch at a place which was near the palace. This hotel was a good spot for lunch and served variety of dishes. Post lunch we visited the 1700 year’s old Riva Split waterfront which stands right in front of Diocletian's Palace. It was indeed a very interesting, relaxing and clean place to view. After a long walking session inside and outside the palace, we decided to halt here for some time to cool our heels and conclude the rest of the day by the sea.

We committed the third day to three enchanting islands of Brac, Hvar and Vis islands. We took an early morning ferry from Split to Brac – one of the largest islands on the Dalmation coast. It was a nice one hour ferry ride to Brac.The best part about this island was its captivating coastline which surprised us since this was the rarest sight of beauty and nature seen. We visited the Zlatni Rat beach, a white pebble beach and did some boat rides and enjoyed breath taking views of the island. After Brac, came the next beauty- Hvar islands.

Hvar is famous for a lot of vast vineyards and purple fields. While our husbands decided on a small hike to the mountain peaks, we thought of taking a nice
holiday in croatiascenic walk and shopped for some local ingredients and wine from a surplus of options to choose. After the hike, we did a boat trip specially organized for spotting the lovely dolphins. Our guide told us that there were almost 40 different species of Dolphins, though they all looked similar to us. We noticed a lot of them and tried capturing some in our cameras.

Post this; we headed to feast on some good Hvar delicacies meal at a local restaurant. We relaxed on the island for some time to let the heavy meal digest.

Our last visit for the day was to the most romantic island called island of Vis. Surrounded by the turquoise blue waters of the Adriatic Sea; this island is an incredible amalgamation of history and natural scenery. It is surely one of the ultimate romantic heavens for any couple.

Once we reached Vis, we had to travel to the other side of the island to Komiza, a small fishing town. From Komiza, we sailed to Bisevo, a small island in the Adriatic Sea to experience the Blue Cave of Bisevo. We were transferred in a small raft, small enough to enter the tiny cave entrance. It was a sunny day and the cave looked beautiful. We could see the sun’s rays entering the water and reflecting on the rocky walls of the cave giving it a shining and radiant blue and silver color. Hence it is rightly called as the Blue Cave of Bisevo. I almost fell in love with this blue color and wanted this scene to be captured in my eyes forever. Vis was the best of the three islands which we visited.

The last 2 days of our holiday were spent in Dubronvik, a city on the Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia and one of the most prominent tourist destinations. We visited the old town of Dubronvik for a lot of shopping in the little shops which sold jewellery, hats, clothes and various stuff. Post this; we proceeded towards holiday in croatiathe largest island in Dubronvik – Mlijet to see the National Park out there. We took a slow ferry ship from port Gruz which lasted for more than two hours so that we could enjoy a nice sight seeing experience. Mljet National Park is a very attractive area of exceptional charm featuring two connected salty lakes and unspoiled nature. This lake is surrounded by dense forests, beautiful walk ways and bicycle tracks, bathing spots and many beaches too.

We then headed towards our hotel in Split to pack and make arrangements for our departure. On the last night, we went to the pub inside the hotel and enjoyed the night there. The wives were sipping wine whereas the husbands were busy conversing and gulping their beers. We had some amazing appetizers and desserts in the pub and skipped dinner. We bonded with the other tourists as well and shared our experience of exploring Croatia with each other. We had an amazing night there.

This awesome vacation to Croatia has been the talk of our many lunch and dinner sessions after we came back. It was a good bonding session with each other in the group as well as with our respective loved ones. After returning to our homeland, we had collected all the photographs from the 3 cameras, selected the best and finest ones from each destination we visited and got a beautiful collage made which adorns the walls of our houses.

A thoroughly enchanting and delightful experience!

holiday in croatiaholiday in croatiaholiday in croatia


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