Train Ticket From Zagreb To Constanta

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The lower city of Zagreb is full of history and life, and the heart is undoubtedly the market Dolac which is partly open and partly covered. Music is everywhere, the main streets have set up tables that are all covered and heated, and the smell of wine intoxicates every corner.

Train Ticket From Zagreb To Constanta


It pays to know the city of Constanta in Romania on the Black Sea. In addition to great beaches and beautiful people, there are several dining options and leisure. In summer, the sands are filled with vacationers, and several theme parks and fairs enliven the season.

Here are the available modes of transport from Zagreb to Constanta.

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Train Ticket From Zagreb To Constanta

There are three important train rides you need to complete when travelling from Zagreb to Constanta. First, take the Croatian Railways train (Line Express) from Zagreb to Budapest-Kelenfold station. From Budapest, take the EuroNight train ride that is bound to Bucuresti Nord Gara A station. From this point, take the Romanian Railways train that is bound to the city of Constanta. The total railway travel time is 28 hours and seven minutes. The one way train ticket price ranges from US$95 to US$153. To get the latest train schedules and make advanced reservations, check:

Train Ticket From Zagreb To Constanta

Bus Ticket from Zagreb To Constanta

The distance between Zagreb to Constanta is 1233 km. There are three bus rides to accomplish when travelling from Zagreb to Constanta. First, take the Yubim bus from Zagreb to Sofia station. From Sofia, take the Biomet bus that is bound to Varna. From this point, take the Aventin Trade bus that is bound to Constanta. The total travel time is 23 hours and the total cost of bus fare is US$188.

Driving is another available option; the travel time is 14 hours and 44 minutes.

Airplane Ticket from Zagreb To Constanta

The first option is to fly from Zagreb to Varna via Jat Airways (three hours and 30 minutes for US$280). From Varna, take an Aventin Trade bus that is bound to Constanta. To get the details, visit:

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