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travel to croatiaEurope, the second smallest continent of the Planet is the biggest package for making your holidays commendable. Europe has many superb holiday destinations, and Croatia is a one such place, simply awesome! Croatia offers an extensive range of outdoor activities, ranging from scenic views to marine adventures. It is a tremendous place to fill some thrill and excitement in your boring life. Put your daily routine on other side and come, get lost in the grandeur of this country. Croatia would charge your life with eternal novelty and you would get abiding reminiscences.

I am charged with loads of oomph after being in Croatia for ten days. This country was really beyond my expectations. When I was packing my bags for my Croatia tour; I never thought that it was going to be the most wonderful holidays I ever had. There are many tourist spots in this country which tempts numerous tourists every day. I started from Dubrovnik. Snuggled between Dinaric and Adriatic; it is a charming city that can be easily accessed and would always fit in your budget. This city suffered from war in 1990 but hats-off to never-ending efforts of its residents to make this city shine again. A walk in this city would take you back to history.

Ancient City Walls are the prominent attraction of this city. I had to put heaps of energy to reach the top but the views were worth every step. I was bowled over by the startling views of the old city and the sea. From the city walls, you could see the views of entire city and ocean from many different angles. It was a memorable experience. This is actually a very unique place and it is not to be missed. The views inspire you to take photographs. I did click pictures and I love to show them to my friends.

The old town is another high-flying tourist spot of Dubrovnik. It is small and a special place that would remain forever in your mind. It takes just a few hours to see this entire gorgeous place. A walk in this area would travel to croatiamake you feel like being at a different place. It is very special and inimitable. The old town is very clean and tranquil. You would adore walking in its slender streets. There is some magnificent architecture in old town. I visited the 18th century cathedral and it was absolutely amazing. The exterior of the cathedral was superb and the interior was even more impressive. St. Ignatius Church reflects another wonderful architectural beauty. It was very impressive. I must say that everything in this place is very unique and amazing. You might have seen many wonderful places but Dubrovnik is matchless. The exclusivity is the real jewel of this city. To honor the importance and uniqueness of this place, it has been declared as a World heritage site.

The views of ancient city walls and the old town really touched my soul. I wanted to be acquainted with the war facts that Croatia has endured. With the thought of intensifying my knowledge bank, I visited War Photo Limited. It’s a museum that mutely narrates the stories of war time. It exposes the real facets of war very brilliantly. The photos would compel you to think that what this city was at war times and how magnificently it has recovered from the horrific times. It is a beautiful accolade to a ruinous time. This place really helped me to understand this country.

I was done with all the historic walks in this city and it was time to enjoy the innate beauty of Croatia. I chose Mljet Island as my next stopover. Along the coast of Dubrovnik; Mljet is a fabulous island. About half of this island is a National Park. I reached there after a cruise of two hours. The elegance of this place is beyond any description. I have seen many natural wonders but this island has some magic in its vibes. You would love to get lost in the magical charm of this island. The scenery is breathtaking. The environs of this island are stunning. The spectacular gorgeousness of this place would impart immense calm and positive energy to your mind and soul. I rented a cycle and enjoyed cycle ride along the lake. It was an extraordinary experience. If you want to feel the real delight of swimming then this is your place. I took the pleasure of swimming in the crystal clear lake and it was my ever best swimming experience. I had actually planned a one day stay at this place but the beauty of this place convinced me to spend more time on this island.

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I also visited Mljet National Park. This park offers some aquatic activities like Kayaking. I didn’t want to miss this golden chance of Kayaking in one of the most wonderful lakes that I have ever seen. I grabbed this chance and enjoyed the best of Kayaking. I was consistently tempted by the splendor of the surroundings. The matchless beauty of this island lit up the lamp of curiosity to the bird eye view of this wonderful island.

travel to croatiaMljet National Park offers dazzling hiking area. I hiked up the hills with great excitement. It was 200 meters hike and took me around 30 minutes to reach the top. The views took my breath away. I had never seen such stunning scenery even on Television. It was beyond my mind's eye. The breeze was kissing my face and it filled my soul with some mysterious calm. While watching that incredible beauty, I realized that I was actually living the best moments of my life. Mljet Island is truly the most beautiful place on our planet. It is heaven on earth. I bid adieu to this paradise with a promise that I would return to it very soon.

Split was my next destination. Diocletian Palace is the major attraction of this city. It’s an eighteen hundred years old palace. This place makes you feel like as if you have travelled back to the 3rd century. I really enjoyed a leisurely walk around its streets. There is enough in this palace to imagine that how wonderful it was! It is bliss for photographers. I met some photographers who were visiting this place daily to complete their portfolio. Due to the historical significance of Diocletian Palace, it has been declared as World Heritage Site.

Hvar Island is another wonderful place in Croatia. The boat cruise to this island was very enjoyable. Hvar Island is rich in natural and architectural beauty. I visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral and it was amazing. The exterior of this cathedral is very photogenic and I clicked many photographs from different angles. The town square is another fantastic place in Hvar Island. While walking in this place, I was feeling like being in royal empire of some King. It was a marvelous experience.

The most wonderful place of Hvar Island is the Spanjolo Fortress. You have to climb up many steps to reach the Fortress but this place is truly worth the effort. Spanjolo Fortress is a perfect blend of natural and architectural beauty. It has magnificent architecture. You could see incredible views of the entire city from this place. The views of oceans look awesome from this fortress. I spent around three to four hours. When the sun was about to set, I rushed to the seashore. I wanted to enjoy the sunset views. The sunset views were fabulous. The sun was spreading its orange light in the sky and the surroundings were bidding farewell to the sun. There are some great restaurants and music clubs in this Island.  It was my last evening in Croatia and I decided to make it musical. I had a great party night and I really enjoyed the time in Hvar Island.

My travel to Croatia was the most memorable time. I enjoyed every single moment of it. Croatia is all about uniqueness. I would definitely visit there again to explore it more. It’s a lovely county.

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